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File Maintenance

Q110013:   How to back-up your data file
Q110014:   How to submit a file for data conversion
Q110017:   Fairs being blocked by 4HOnline from extracting data
Q116003:   Tips on keeping your data file small and efficient
Q116005:   Failure to open a data file - "That is not a valid ShoWorks data file, would you like to try again?"
Q117015:   How to send your data file to Gladstone
Q117029:   How to export data to QuickBooks
Q117034:   How to convert data files from ShoWorks 2006 to ShoWorks 2009/2012
Q117035:   How to archive and/or transfer modified preset objects
Q118001:   How to split a data file into smaller, more manageable copies for different users


Q114000:   Checklist to troubleshoot instability in ShoWorks
Q115000:   How to eliminate crashes or speed issues with ShoWorks
Q115001:   Where to purchase checks, entry tags, and other fair supplies
Q115002:   Using ShoWorks on Multiple Computers
Q115003:   How to remove and re-install ShoWorks
Q115004:   How to use ShoWorks in a Remote Desktop setting
Q115005:   Choosing a computer that is right for ShoWorks
Q117007:   "Display Setting" Message/Monitor Resolution
Q117010:   Accessing PDF-Format Files
Q117011:   How to change your ShoWorks serial number
Q117016:   How to determine which version of ShoWorks is installed
Q117017:   Cannot start ShoWorks - "ShoWorks needs to read values in the Windows Registry"or "Administrator…"
Q117018:   Cannot start ShoWorks - Error message received when first loading ShoWorks
Q117019:   Understanding versions of ShoWorks and Microsoft Access
Q117020:   "The current user account doesn't have permission to covert or enable this database" message
Q117021:   Cannot Activate or problems when Activating
Q117022:   Premium amounts seem incorrect or do not appear on checks and/or other reports
Q117024:   Cannot start ShoWorks Companion for Microsoft Access
Q117025:   How to install the ShoWorks Companion when not initially available
Q117030:   Tips on speed issues when using a network
Q117031:   Cannot start ShoWorks on Remote Desktop using Windows Server
Q117033:   How to create a Jackpot type premium payout
Q117036:   How to install and activate both ShoWorks and the ShoWorks Training Videos
Q117037:   Run-time error 2033. Name conflicts with existing module, project, or object library
Q117038:   Cannot view report list - Bind tree Preset Dialogue? There is no object in this control.
Q117039:   Incompatible Windows version notice
Q117040:   Why does ShoWorks 2012 not support Windows XP and Home Editions?
Q117041:   You receive a security warning when opening ShoWorks
Q117043:   Error "IBizAmazon.S3.1" when attempting to backup/restore, sync iPad or Cloud, or publish results.
Q117044:   You receive a warning message upon starting ShoWorks concerning not enough memory.
Q117045:   Cannot install Training Videos because of message "Not activated"
Q117050:   Report Manager and ShoWorks Access Companion "ImagesList must be initialized before it can be used"
Q117051:   Cannot start ShoWorks - "Can't find language dll msain.dll"
Q117052:   Cannot start ShoWorks - "ShoWorks could not find the needed files to run the program."
Q117054:   "Object variable or With block variable not set (Error 91)" when creating/modifying report
Q117055:   Immediate error when attempting to Restore backups, use the Cloud, or Activate ShoWorks.
Q117056:   Cannot move/navigate among different Divisions in the Divisions menu
Q117057:   "The data file you are trying to read is not in the proper format…"
Q117058:   "Error Number: 75 Path/file access error" when attempting to backup your data file
Q117059:   Activation does not hold (subsequent start of ShoWorks forgets previous activation)

iPad App

Q151005:   Using multiple iPads with ShoWorks
Q151006:   Video on using the ShoWorks and the iPad
Q151007:   Video on understanding RFID and EID for Livestock Ear Tags

Online Entries

Q117028:   How to take payments for online entries
Q121000:   "Cannot upload or download entries because your current data file is either in use by one or more…"
Q121001:   Cannot upload or download entries "Download failed. Your data file did not transfer because…"
Q121002:   How to format online text
Q121003:   Exhibitors are forced to use passwords they do not know
Q121004:   Cannot download entries "Web importing error/exception…"
Q121005:   Considerations involving entry deadlines and availability of online entries to the public
Q121006:   Scenarios having two or more different “per exhibitor” fees for different types of exhibitors online
Q121007:   Divisions and or classes not showing up for online entries
Q121008:   Using Validation or Nominations to control the online entry process


Q110222:   How to import exhibitor, school, buyer, and club records from another ShoWorks data file
Q110223:   How to delete many records at once
Q110224:   How to set the Sale Order and working with the Sale
Q110225:   How to quickly update entries
Q110226:   How to work-around a scenario when commissions are not taken out of Add-ons
Q110227:   How to copy/paste many records at once
Q110228:   How to add many Adjustments to Sale items at once (check-offs, percentages, etc.)
Q110229:   Correcting misspellings and deleting items in lists (zip codes, cities, departments, etc.)
Q110230:   How to delete sub-records
Q110231:   Cannot update entries table when using Companion or Microsoft Access
Q110232:   How to generate random numbers for entries in ShoWorks
Q110233:   How to update the static Age field based on how old an exhibitor is as of a given date
Q110234:   A work-around using Ribbons instead of Places for Sliding Scale Premiums


Q113010:   Understanding Report Terminology and tips on creating custom reports
Q113017:   Custom reports missing after ShoWorks install or update, or changing computers
Q113018:   How to backup reports or changing computers and sharing reports on multiple computers
Q113019:   How to import a report from a downloaded or emailed file by Gladstone
Q113020:   How to edit reports using Microsoft Access with the ShoWorks Companion
Q113021:   Tips on creating mailing lists
Q113023:   One or more entries (or other records) do not show up in custom reports
Q113025:   No data was found for the report criteria in this report
Q113028:   Reports that have been imported do not open or Enter a Parameter Value prompt
Q113029:   Not enough memory to update display (message) when opening reports.
Q113030:   Printer icon, menubar or ribbon bar does not appear on reports
Q113031:   Report Manager does not work, produces an error, or is unresponsive when attempting to open reports.
Q113032:   How to display both non-entry classes and Confirmed to Show entries in reports
Q113033:   Calculated Age shows up as a date format instead of number

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