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You cannot download entries because you receive a message:

Web importing errors/exceptions...

The message then displays information regarding records that prevented the downloading from occurring.


You have changed the spelling of (or deleted) one or more divisions, exhibitor fee names, clubs, or schools after entries have already been made under the prior variation of the spelling or value that now no longer exists. ShoWorks does not know where to put these entries and/or fees.

Consider the following scenarios. The user cannot download entries because the Division name "Basketry & Gourds" no longer exists in the data file with this exact spelling. It is important to understand that the spelling must be exact, as the computer (ShoWorks) matches values with exact precision as compared to we humans who assume that the variations of spelling is close enough.

In the case above, the entries were not downloaded because no such division "Basketry & Gourds" exists, even though "Basketry and Gourds" looks close enough. "Close enough" is not sufficient for clean data. The user evidently uploaded data and began taking entries whereby such entries were entered under "Basketry & Gourds" and after this occured, changed the name using the word "and" instead of the symbol "&".

The next scenario is more difficult to catch. The user has inadvertently added a "space" at the beginning of the division name, changing the division from "Basketry & Gourds" to " Basketry & Gourds". Notice the extra space before the letter "B". Because these are two totally different variations, ShoWorks will not be able to "assume" that they are the same.

The final scenario involves a case where the user has changed an exhibitor Fee Name. We identify what we must correct (Fee Name, Division name, etc.) by reading from left to right, the error message:

Notice the spelling off "1-Week Pass" and "1 Week Pass". Items will not be downloaded because one variation uses a dash (hyphen) and the other uses a space between the "1" and "W". Again, the variations may look the same and be "close enough" for humans to assume they are the same, but the computer (ShoWorks) does not make such a dangerous assumption.

All of the above scenarios usually occur when a user catches a misspelling or simply changes the spelling whether inadvertently or intentionally to make the presentation of their data clearer, however doing so AFTER activity has already occurred online, leaves the data with two variations of what was intended to be the same value.


There are three possible solutions to resolving the variations and downloading data, with the third solution being optimal.

1) Login as an Administrator to your online entries account and click Void Transactions to void all transactions that have the older variation. Usually this is not practical since more than likely, those transactions are valuable and would need to be re-entered under the corrected variation.

2) Only download entries that were created during a certain date range (i.e. download entries that were created AFTER you had changed the spelling). Like the solution above, this may not be practical.

3) Add the older variation of the spelling, back into the database. Do not make the mistake of simply changing the existing value (the value that "looks close enough" to match the older variation. I.e. trying to change "Basketry and Gourds" to "Basketry & Gourds". Doing so will only bring you back to the same problem where you will then not be able to download entries because "Basktey and Gourds" now, no longer exists. Because you have some entries under one variation ("Basketry & Gourds") and other entries under the other variation ("Basketry & Gourds"), you must now have both variations in your data file. Therefore, you must create a NEW record (in our example, a new division), giving it the exact spelling of the problematic records (i.e. the old variation) which can easily be copied and pasted (to prevent further confusion by accidently making a typo). To copy the problematic value, highlight the value in red text, then press the keys Ctrl+C (that is the Ctrl key and the "c" key at the same time), then go to the Divisions menu and click "Add New" and paste the value. Again, copying and pasting the value(s) into a new record is the only way that guarantees the records will be able to be downloaded.

Once you have downloaded all entries, you can locate and change the values in the actual entries or records (i.e. locate all entries that are under division "Basketry and Gourds" and individually change their division value to "Basketry & Gourds"). Once you no longer have any entries under the division (variation) that you don't want, you may delete that division.

Follow this same process for exhibitor fees, clubs, and schools as needed.



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