Running all of ShoWorks in the Cloud (ShoWorks Anywhere)

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Date Added: 1/3/2024
Date Updated: 2/23/2024

This article and method only apply to ShoWorks 2024 (running ShoWorks 2020 fully in the cloud is not supported)


Running ShoWorks 2024 in cloud services is now fully supported using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. This concept is referred to as “ShoWorks Anywhere”. The Azure platform allows desktop applications like ShoWorks, to run in a virtualized environment consisting of one or more virtual desktop machines, accessible by multiple users from anywhere at any time. Each virtual machine is a cloud instance of a Windows 11 desktop with ShoWorks installed and running in RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). No servers are directly involved. The result is an increase in accessibility, reliability, security, and cost savings to the fair. The process entails a subscription to Microsoft Azure services, which is relatively low-cost compared to otherwise investments in hardware and network upkeep. More importantly, this option allows the fair to not be limited to solely cloud or desktop but instead use a mixture of both platforms to leverage the strength or hedge the limitations of each. The implementation of ShoWorks Anywhere (ShoWorks in the Cloud), requires only a modest skill level.

Benefits of ShoWorks Anywhere

  • Retains the same, familiar ShoWorks interface on both cloud and local platforms.
  • Accessible from any computer that is connected to the internet at any time.
  • Reliability and security are improved since the cloud is maintained by and within Microsoft’s services.
  • Eliminates hardware and compatibility requirements (any computer configuration, whether PC, Mac, Android or Chromebook). Only a modest internet connection is required (both Wi-Fi and direct connection are supported).
  • Reduced costs due to less investments in upgraded machines and software compatibilities. The fair only pays for virtual machines when they are running plus a minor amount of storage used. This makes a perfect business model for seasonal operations like fairs, who have a varying number of users for relatively few days of the year.
  • Speed is no longer an issue since all users are sharing data within the same virtual network.

White Paper

ShoWorks has compiled a white paper and guide for ShoWorks Anywhere implementation.
See: ShoWorks Anywhere White Paper

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