Reports that have been imported do not open or Enter a Parameter Value prompt

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Date Added: 11/28/2008
Date Updated: 12/23/2011


ShoWorks is unresponsive when attempting to open a custom report, or you receive a "Enter Parameter Value" box stating "Entry User Defined..." or "Exhibitor User Defined...".


ShoWorks 2012 and 2009 have limited support for reports that have been imported from prior versions (such as ShoWorks 2006) and cannot open or edit these reports.


Option A: Rebuild the reports

This option is necessary to allow the future editing of custom reports (or if receiving a "Enter Parmeter Value" prompt when opening) and requires building the custom reports from the Custom Report Wizard in ShoWorks.

Option B: Modify the reports for limited functionality using Microsoft Access 2007 or newer

This option allows a quick work-around that enables custom reports made in prior versions, however these reports cannot be edited with ShoWorks and only using the ShoWorks Access Companion (requires Microsoft Access 2007 or newer).  Furthermore, if the report prompts for "Enter Parameter Value" when opening, the report will not function correctly regardless of the steps below and must be re-created from scratch.

  1. Run ShoWorks and import (if you have not already done so) any previously made custom reports from a prior version of ShoWorks using File or the Office Button > Import > Import Reports.  The file that you locate to import from must be a file that has been generated from a ShoWorks "Backup All" feature for backing up reports.
  2. Verify that the reports have imported and that they will not open.
  3. Exit ShoWorks and start the ShoWorks Access Companion using the icon under Start > Programs > ShoWorks 20xx > ShoWorks Access Companion.  Note: This icon is installed only if a licensed copy of Microsoft Access was found when you installed ShoWorks.  If you do not have this icon but are certain that you have the correct version of Microsoft Access installed, then you must reinstall ShoWorks whic will install the Companion.
  4. After Agreeing to the opening statement of the ShoWorks Access Companion, highlight a custom report that was imported in step 1 and click "Edit w/Access".
  5. In the top ribbon bar, select Design > Property Sheet.  Clicking this will show (if not already shown) the Properties window for the active report.
  6. In the Property Sheet window, click the tab labeled "Other".
  7. Remove the values in the property "Toolbar" and "Menubar" by clicking in these properties and backspacing until they are clear.
  8. In the property "Ribbon Name" select the value "ribReports".
  9. Close and save the changes to the report.
  10. Repeat this process for all imported custom reports.

Gladstone does provide custom report building services. Please see our services page for more information and pricing on custom report building or contact Gladstone to request a quote.

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