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Having an install base of over 1,000 fairs and thousands of users, we have recognized the value of a large pool of experienced individuals that are willing to assist those in need of a human interaction with their ShoWorks setup. These may range from people who travel to your fair and help setup the software, to taking the reins of the ShoWorks operations during your fair. We have begun compiling a list of these people who have expressed interest in assisting you and are currently providing this list for your benefit. As a disclosure, we do not assume responsibility or liability in any regards to their services or representation, and do not receive any portion of payments that you would make to them. This is solely a means to connect those who have conveyed the ability of their ShoWorks expertise, to those who seek such expertise beyond that of official ShoWorks documentation and resources.

If you wish to be added to this list, or have feedback from working with these individuals, please contact us.

Sara Renee: Has been a ShoWorks user since 2006 at the Benton Franklin Fair (WA) and works with many fairs across the United States, often being the key person to setting up the entire fairbook and getting their existing data ported over from other formats and systems. She is able to travel to a wide variety of locations in the western and southern states.

Last Updated 12/6/2014
Region: Northwestern states, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas
(509) 619-6260

Michael & Karen Searle: Have been ShoWorks users since 2004. Michael and Karen have been a part of the fair industry their entire lives, serving as fair manager, vendors, and consultants, traveling to many fairs specificaly for management services and additionally providing event and facility management including marketing campaigns. Michael has also served as the president for the Arizona Fairs Association. Clients include Arizona State Fair, San Joanquin Fair, Pinal County Fair, Maricopa County Fair, Verde Valley Fair, and more.

Last Updated 8/1/2014
Region: Arizona, California
(602) 252-0701

Laura Moore: Has been a ShoWorks user since 1998 and has worked with Stanislaus County Fair (CA), Monterey County Fair (CA), Contra Costa County Fair (CA), and Alameda County Fair (CA).

Last Updated 9/15/2014
Region: California
(209) 668-1333 ext 315

Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel: Has been a ShoWorks user since 2012 at the Lake County Fair (IL). Whether your fair is new to ShoWorks or you'd like to improve your current operations, Sheri can assist your team with: Fair Book analysis and set-up; Annual ShoWorks set-up and online entries; Reports and entry tag printing; Premium checks; Auction administration and buyer invoicing; Operational planning and implementation, and more. Sheri is available to travel anywhere and works on a variety of events throughout the country with her consulting company Kites Productions.

Last Updated 12/10/2017
Region: Midwest and Nationwide
(312) 399-9474

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