• --> What is ShoWorks? ShoWorks™ is the most popular exhibitor and entries management software used by almost all state and county fairs in North America. Easily process registration, judging, premium payouts, and auctions for all types of entries including creative & home arts, media, livestock, and more. more
  • What's New in 2024!
    Rebuilt from the ground up in 64-bit code, the new ShoWorks not only rides on the latest technology and compatibility, but is now 100% cloud compatible to run your entire fair system in a virtual network of users as 'ShoWorks Anywhere' - the only fair system capable of running both 100% in the cloud or locally or a mixture of both. Online add-ons are now available right alongside your online entries. Livestock can be weighed and checked in directly from the free mobile app. We've added support for new RFID readers and laser barcode scanners - both handheld and wearable. QuickBooks online is now supported. Third-party auction data importing is now enabled. Report Wizard enhancements, new streamlined menus, and over 100 improvements make the new ShoWorks 2024 the most diverse and powerful fair system ever!
  • Online Entries Over 1/4 billion $ in transactions for the nations' smallest and largest fairs have run through ShoWorks online, making us the undisputed largest provider of online entries. At peak workloads, that's over 4,000 entries per hour without a glitch! Better yet, a public survey of over 1/2 million exhibitors has given ShoWorks an over 97% satisfaction rate and labeled it the best online entry system available. more
  • Auctions
    ShoWorks was originally created 30 years ago for jr livestock auctions and quickly gained a foothold in the fair industry from its reputation of easily accommodating even the largest, most complex auctions.

    In 2024 we added online add-ons and the ability to import auction data from third party services.
  • Why ShoWorks? ShoWorks is used by more of the top fairs in the US and Canada than any other system. Even more impressive is that for two years in a row, among these top fairs, those that use ShoWorks have grown more than twice as fast than those not running ShoWorks. Click below for some more interesting facts! more

Our Newest Customers!

Jul 12Welcome to the Arkansas County Fair (AR) who just joined the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Jul 08Welcome back Hubbard County Fair (MN) who returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
May 08Congrats to the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo - the worlds largest stock show (head) for chosing ShoWorks as our newest user. Thank you!
Apr 22A big Texas welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo who just became the newest ShoWorks user today. Welcome aboard!
Mar 14Welcome to the Illinois State Fair who just became the newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Feb 24Welcome back Anderson County Youth Livestock Association (TX) who returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Feb 01Congrats to Churchill County Junior Livestock Show (NV) who became our newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Feb 01Today we welcomed the Iowa State Fair who just joined the ShoWorks solution. Thank you!
Jan 24Welcome Sevier County Fair (AR) who just became the newest ShoWorks user! Thank you!!
Jan 18Welcome aboard Bloomsburg Fair (PA) who just became the newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Jan 09Congratulations to the Tennessee State Fair who just became the newest ShoWorks user today! Thank you!
Jan 05Welcome back Castro County Fair (TX) who returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Jan 04Congratulations to the Illinois Beef Association who just became the newest ShoWorks user -Welcome aboard!
Dec 28Welcome back Palo Pinto County Livestock Show (TX) who returned to the ShoWorks solution. Thank you!
Dec 13Welcome aboard Porterville Fair (CA) who just became the newest ShoWorks user - thank you!
Dec 05Congratulations to the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair (MD) who just became the newest user of ShoWorks!
Nov 28Welcome back Starr County Fair (TX) who returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Nov 08Welcome back Donley County Livestock Association (TX) who returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Oct 11Welcome to the Young County Jr. Livestock Show (TX) who just became the newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Sep 13Thank you to the Nacogdoches Co Youth Livestock Show (TX) who just became our newest ShoWorks user today!
Sep 12Welcome back Alvin ISD Livestock Show (TX) who returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Aug 31We welcome to the Union County Fair (AR) as the newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Aug 07Welcome back Morton County Fair (KS) who just returned to the ShoWorks solution today. Thank you!
Jul 31Congratulations to the Cleveland County Fair (NC) who just became the newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Jul 25Welcome aboard Chippewa County Fair (MI) as the newest ShoWorks user today. Thank you!
Jul 22Thank you to the Lambtown Festival (CA) who just became our newest ShoWorks user today.Welcome!

What our customers are saying

  • Molly Kay – Island County Fair (WA) wrote,
    "Our first experience with ShoWorks was great. We will happily recommend it to anyone, especially those entrenched with WinFair (Blue Ribbon-Martech). We should have switched a LONG time ago. Online Entry is AWESOME! So many people have been telling us how great it is. Thank you for saving me HOURS of work."
  • Montgomery County Agricultural Center (MA) wrote,
    "Awesome. We were so frustrated with the Blue Ribbon (by Martech) and finally made the plunge to switch to ShoWorks. What a difference it has made. Much easier, faster, and way more flexible."
  • Roger Koberstein, Phillips County Fair (CO) wrote,
    "Everything is working great!!!!!! - Love the online entries (as it) makes our fair work smoother. We use the Excel import a lot and it works great. Thanks for producing a great product!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Dr. James Woolf – Tipton County Fair (IN) wrote,
    "I reviewed several choices, purchased the program, and the bottom line... it works, its slick, and the investment is well worth it."
  • Michael L. Hashisaki, Sanders County Fair (MT) wrote,
    "I've got to admit, I love the ShoWorks software system."
  • Carole A. Smith, 4-H Youth Development Agent, Oregon State University (OR) wrote,
    "The new software (ShoWorks) has reduced staff labor by over 60%, reduced pre-show preparation by 34%, and improved problem solving and increased accuracy."
  • Greg Glisczinski, Clark County Fair (WI) wrote,
    "Just a word of praise. I really like the features that you have in the reports section of ShoWorks. I can do anything now!"
  • Molly Kay – Island County Fair (WA) wrote,
    "The ShoWorks upgrade is FANTASTIC and super easy to work. I like the new layout and that I can have multiple screens open at the same time. I'm happy that the software is so easy to use that it only takes one person to handle the workload without staying up all night."
  • Carolyn Lewis – Fulton County Fair (AR) wrote,
    "I am amazed each year when I start printing reports after our data is entered at what this program will do. I have been using the spreedsheet option to print different reports I need and it works great."
  • Barbara Rigsby – Brooks County Fair (TX) wrote,
    "Wow! I loved the ease of the program! Everyone was very pleased with the paperwork and how smoothly everything ran. I would like to thank everyone with ShoWorks for developing the program and for all your assistance, even for a little fair like ours. You've always been very helpful and kind and I appreciate it very much."
  • Shirley Williams – Santa Barbara County Fair (CA) wrote,
    "What a great fair we had and all the girls who do my entries and auction loved the showorks program. Our auction was $1,088,465.74. It was really great to have the auction balance right from the get go."
  • Ken Andrejak – Delaware State Fair (DE) wrote,
    "Once we moved to the ShoWorks software, all hardware and internal database crashes and errors disappeared, allowing us to focus on more important managerial issues rather than the software problems that used to plaque us before."
  • Katie Church - Minnesota State Fair (MN) wrote,
    "(Our) numbers have nearly doubled, but even with the added entries everything has been going so well with the online registration - it is seriously awesome!...Everyone is impressed!"
  • Randall L. Dickson – Marshall County Fair (IN) wrote,
    "We completed our 4-H livestock auction on Saturday and found the new-and-improved version of Showorks to be better than ever, particularly with respect to buyer check-out procedures. We also operated over a wireless network, and our 8-hour sale moved along without any hardware or software hiccups."
  • Vicki Avery – Oregon State 4-H Fair (OR) wrote,
    "I can't say how excited I am that we have FINALLY made the decision to use ShoWorks. And your support is fabulous."
  • Allison McEwen – Arkansas State Fair (AR) wrote,
    "Having someone who makes tech support so available makes my job much easier! I've been through Fairs where we had to wait over 24 hours for the computer company to call us back. It just doesn't work! You do such a good job of taking care of us and I really do appreciate your help – especially this time of year. "
  • Vicki Bowen – Nolan County Livestock Assn (TX) wrote,
    "I have just recently upgraded to Showorks. I love it. The ease of getting our entries in is so simple. My helpers have loved it. The personnell at Fairsoftware have been so helpful. They were visiting with me at 9:30 p.m. to get me running on the new program. This was the night before our show started. Thanks again for a great product and support."
  • Molly Kay – Island County Fair (WA) wrote,
    "We had online registration for the second year this year. We had many positive comments. People like having the ability to register their exhibits at home and just drop them off on entry day. They have also entered exhibits in other areas because they see what's available when they are registering their exhibits."
  • Kate – Aitkin County Fair (MN) wrote,
    "We have just completed our fair and would like to say that we were very happy with the program. ...things went more smoothly that we anticipated with no major glitches. Even our biggest doubter was impressed. Thanks for the program. Our lives were much easier."
  • Krista Davis – Hansford County Stock Show (TX) wrote,
    "I just LOVE your program. The guys on the stockshow board think I do some kind of voodoo magic to get things done so quickly. I thought I was going to have to resussitate one of them the first year when I had the sale order set correctly within 5 minutes of our last class showing. It is great."
  • Helen Malone – Custer County Fair (ID) wrote,
    "I cannot believe all the different ways ShoWorks can handle and personalize a sale…much better than any sale program I have used in my 17 years of billing for a 4-H/FFA Market Animal Sale. I don't think there is a sale out there that this program cannot handle the way they want to run it."
  • Thane Barnier – Sioux Empire Farm Show (SD) wrote,
    "I just wish I'd taken the plunge earlier! The Quick Entries feature is huge, mainly because I can save different layouts. It's really going to streamline how we'll do things. Great job on the updates. Lots of little things that are really cool."
  • Kathy Landers – Bi-County Fair (NM) wrote,
    "We are loving using the iPad – makes doing results a lot faster."
  • Meagan Francis – El Paso County Fair (TX) wrote,
    "So far the 2012 version is incredible. I am enjoying the ease of the software this time around."
  • Jimmy Curtis – Four States Fair & Rodeo (AR) wrote,
    "The iPad intergration is one of the best things you could have ever added. It saved me a bunch of time."
  • Kandi Pendleton - Sweetwater Events Complex (WY) wrote,
    "I LOVE the iPad app, that's the best software feature I have seen in years from any company. We had just short of 4,000 total entries and had our results in (with distractions) in about 2 hours!"
  • Debbie Titus – Owyhee County Fair (ID) wrote,
    "Using the iPads for ribbon results and placings at Fair this year was absolutely wonderful!"
  • Jordan Albiani & Joseph Alexandre – Cal Poly Western Bonanza (CA) wrote,
    "ShoWorks proved to be a game changer here at Bonanza, and without your support during our transition, the show would have never reached the success we achieved. Our exhibitors and their families were huge fans of how smoothly the show ran with the help of our new sponsors, ShoWorks, as was our management."
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