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Enter your serial number to see a list of computers that have been activated for your fair. This feature will help you manage activations and make changes if needed.

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Activate a Computer for ShoWorks

Please fill out the following information. You can locate this information by selecting Help, then About ShoWorks from within ShoWorks.

If the computer to be activated can connect to the Internet, you can instead activate this computer directly in ShoWorks by selecting Help>>Activate ShoWorks.

Serial Number: (Select Help >> About ShoWorks)
Computer Description: (example: Bob's laptop)
System Code: (Select Help >> About ShoWorks)
The 'System Code' is generated by ShoWorks and is a unique 'fingerprint' that identifies each computer.  You must use the Activate process in ShoWorks first to find out what your computer's unique System Code is.

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