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New Features

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General Features

  • Save time and costs by managing exhibitors and their entries.
  • Speed up your operations with iPads for judging and livestock check-in.
  • Organize by printing entry tags, backtags, coop cards, judging sheets, press releases, sale sheets, summaries, invoices, 1099s and more! .
  • Create neatly formatted custom reports in seconds.
  • Publish your judging results directly to your website within seconds.
  • Share data easily across multiple computers with or without a network.
  • Track premium payouts and auction billing without error.
  • Exchange data with all Microsoft® Excel, Access, and Word.
  • Integrate accounting with QuickBooks.
  • Reduce costs and errors with online entries.

ShoWorks Online Entries Features

  • Save time, eliminate errors, and reduce costs for arts, livestock, and photo entries
  • Generate revenue with sponsor banner ads
  • Process credit card and check payments directly to your bank
  • Simplify by having exhibitors print their own entry tags
  • Allow clubs and schools to login and approve entries made under them
  • Enable exhibitors the freedom to save and edit their cart
  • Automatic emailing of receipts to exhibitors
  • Use themes to match your fair website
  • Run a survey at checkout
  • Flexible fees to charge by exhibitor or by entry
  • Set entry limits in divisions and classes for exhibitors
  • Set up and running within minutes
  • Our servers are 100% secure, safe and PCI certified!
  • Media entries† – upload photos, videos, music and PDFs
  • Media entries† – judge online, anywhere, anytime
  • Media entries† – e-blast entry tags and results
  • Media entries† – display winning photos via slideshow on your own website
  • More Online Entries Info

Auction Features

  • Take live add-ons online
  • Adjust sale items by bumps, % of sale, and weights
  • Perfect for check-off amounts
  • Automatically set and adjust the sale order custom fit to your preference in seconds
  • Resale items and “floor” to the packer or run them through the sale multiple times
  • Easily split sale items across unlimited multiple buyers using the built-in assistant
  • Determine flexible commissions across species including or excluding add-ons
  • Print simple billing for buyers including statements and load-out sheets
  • Set multiple packer resale prices, even across the same species
  • Speed up collections by enabling buyers to pay their bill online
  • Manage multiple add-ons in one click or individually
  • Set maximum sale weights and shrinkage amounts
  • Display Tag ID in bills, invoices, and sale reports
  • Sell by the head or pound
  • More Auction Info

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