Minimum Requirements

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What are the minimum requirements for ShoWorks?

General Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or newer (including Windows 11) Click here for a detailed list of compatible Windows versions.
  • 8GB RAM or higher (16GB or higher recommended but not required).
  • 1GB of free hard disk when installing locally, 300MB free hard disk after install.

Network requirements (for simultaneous multiple users):

  • Wireless networking is only supported using ShoWorks 2024 under the ShoWorks Anywhere configuration.
  • Wireless networking is not supported using ShoWorks 2020.
  • Hard wired (Ethernet) connection between all computers with no more than 1 switch/router between clients.
  • 1GB Ethernet (NIC) card on each computer.
  • 1GB Switch or Router.
  • Active cloud drive sharing such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. are not supported.
  • Network Attached Storage devices are not supported.
  • Please see the following article for more information about networking ShoWorks.

Compatibility with Microsoft Office (not required but please read):

  • Do not confuse "Office" with "Windows" - they are not the same). Microsoft Windows is the operating system on your computer. Microsoft Office is an optional suite of apps such as Word, Excel, and Access which are also made and distributed by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Office and/or Access is not required on a machine running ShoWorks, but if installed must be Office 64-bit for ShoWorks 2024 users and Office 32-bit for ShoWorks 2020 users.
  • Microsoft Office is also available in both MSI (Fully installable) and CTR (Click-To-Run) versions. ShoWorks 2024 supports both versions while ShoWorks 2020 is only supported on MSI versions of Office.
  • If Microsoft Office and/or Access is installed on the machine:
    • For ShoWorks 2024 users, any 64-bit version of (including MSI and CTR/Click-To-Run):
      Office 2013 and newer, including Office 365
    • For ShoWorks 2020 users, only the 32-bit versions fully installed as MSI and not CTR/Click-To-Run:
      Office 2013 and newer
  • ShoWorks 2024 cannot be installed on the same machine that ShoWorks 2020 (or older) is installed. You must remove older versions of ShoWorks and uninstall/ reinstall any Microsoft Office components from older 32-bit versions to the newer 64-bit versions (you do not have to re-buy any Office programs - just reinstall the 64-bit versions).

Optional Requirements:

  • iPad (optional)
    Any iPad manufactured after 2013 or supported by Apple. Please Click here for a complete list of compatible devices and how to identify your model.
    If using a printer with iPad app
    • Apple AirPrint Compatible
    • One-sided printing only (double-sided printers are NOT recommended).
  • RFID wand reader (optional)
    For scanning EID livestock ear tags with iPad app
    • Allflex AWR300 Stick Reader (supported in ShoWorks 2024 only)
    • Allflex APR650 Stick Reader (supported in ShoWorks 2024 only)
    • Allflex APR250 Stick Reader (supported in ShoWorks 2024 only)
    • Allflex RS420 Stick Reader
    • Allflex LPR Pocket Reader (lowest cost, compact, but low battery life)
    • Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader
    • Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader
    • Tru-Test SRS2i Stick Reader (supported in ShoWorks 2024 only)
    • Tru-Test XRS2i Stick Reader (supported in ShoWorks 2024 only)
  • Cloud (option for ShoWorks 2024 only)
    To run ShoWorks 2024 entirely in the cloud requires a Microsoft Azure Cloud Services subscription for a relatively minor usage fee. Free 1-month trial subscriptions are available and sometimes sufficient. See ShoWorks Anywhere for configuration.

  • Handheld or wearable laser reader (optional for ShoWorks 2024 only)
    For scanning entry tags with iPad app. Please contact us to verify before purchase.
  • Apple Vision Pro VR headset (optional for ShoWorks 2024 only)
    For judging static entries with iPad app. Additionally requires one of the NETUM scanners above. Please contact us to verify before purchase.

I am looking to buy a new computer for ShoWorks, will you recommend one?

Please see the following article for assistance on chosing a computer that is right for ShoWorks.

What are my options to use ShoWorks across mutilple computers?

You can network many computers together, merge data from computer not connected to a network, or share your data files between computers. See the following article for more information about using ShoWorks on multiple computers.

Do I need Microsoft Access™ to use ShoWorks?

No, but if you have MS Access version 2013 or newer, you can use the included ShoWorks Companion for Microsoft Access to further tweak all reports in any format that you desire, however the built-in ShoWorks Report Wizard is sufficient for most fairs reporting needs. Versions of Access prior to 2013 are not supported.

ShoWorks comes in different editions based on the number of entries a fair has.  What does this mean?

The number of entries is the number of items that are going to be judged in the fair.  Since an exhibitor may show more than one entry, the fair will typically have 2 to 3 times as many entries as compared to the number of exhibitors.

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