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Gladstone Inc. is the manufacturer and publisher of ShoWorks™ and was established in 1994 out of the need for an efficient, easy-to-use yet powerful software system to manage the fair process.

Gladstone has been recognized as a distinguished Aggie 100 company for five years (2008/2009/2010/2013/2014) tying the record for the most times received among all recipients in the history of the award. This annual award is a given to the top 100 fastest growing companies in the world lead by Texas A&M alumni.
Michael Hnatt is the founder and president.  Michael also taught database, Web and e-commerce programming at Texas A&M University for 9 years, and holds an MBA from the University of Houston, including 3 years doctoral work in the field of Information Management. He has written learning materials which are used in both academics and industry today. One of his works is also endorsed by Microsoft and listed as a top resource within Microsoft Office products and marketed worldwide in over 20 countries. His experience as a youth in the fair industry has ranged from exhibitor, to entertainer/performer, to rodeo contestant, to volunteer.
Kelsey Schultz-Schwei, PhD, a native from Wisconsin, has been with Gladstone since 2005 and balances her employment in conjuction with her part-time teaching.  Kelsey is credited as the vital structure in the day-to-day operating activities of Gladstone.
Spencer Schultz, PhD In 2008, Spencer laid the groundwork and continues his efforts on the online photo and multi-media judging aspects of the ShoWorks line.
Sara Renee Sara Renee has been a ShoWorks user since 2006 and in the fair industry for over 10 years. She works with many fairs across the United States, often being the key person to setting up the entire fairbook and getting their existing data ported over from other formats and systems.
Kevin Chilek, PhD Kevin is the newest member of the team but he is not new to Youth Livestock Exhibition or fair competition. Kevin has supported 4-H and FFA youth in Texas for over 23 years through Extension education and is credited with authoring the Quality Counts Youth Livestock Ethics curriculum. He has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and is ready to support your ShoWorks needs.

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