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ShoWorks Update History

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ShoWorks 2016

Version 16.3.1 (10/5/2016)

  • Fixed bug that did not allow kiosk creation when displaying breed for divisions that do not have breeds.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the filtering of reports (Livestock Program and Judging Sheets) by Confirmed to Show that would show non-entry classes.

Version 16.3.0 (9/18/2016)

  • Fixed bug that crashes ShoWorks when clicking in white (blank) area of Report Manager.
  • Fixed bug that format Calculated Age as date in reports where 'hide duplicates' was unchecked.
  • Fixed bug that would ignore changing the Check Date when writing checks distributed by club or school.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly allows Exhibitor Names longer than 50 characters.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly propercases names that begin with "Mc".
  • Fixed bug that displays "Scrapie Tag ID" multiple times in the sub menu Entries within the Exhibitors menu.
  • Fixed bug that displayed error when importing data from an older file format (files prior to the 2016 format).
  • Fixed bug that prevented the refresh and display of the newsfeed (black sidebar in the main menu).
  • Added a warning message to avoid saving custom or edited reports using a name that already exists.
  • Added Web Browser (Cloud) option to use in place of iPad app for non-iPad users.
  • Added mask for Social Security Number to hide values by default for security concerns.
  • Added 'Exit' button in File menu.

Version 16.2.0 (3/13/2016)

  • Fixed bug that would not allow direct deleting of divisions that had related records in checks or breeds.
  • Fixed bug that would not allow setting a show weight value to null.
  • Fixed bug in Exhibitor Payout Discrepancy report that incorrectly stated some exhibitors were overpaid.

Version 16.1.0 (2/23/2016)

  • Fixed ocassional annoying bug on start of ShoWorks (setbgcolor, continue running scripts...).
  • Added compatibility for high quality retina displays (i.e Surface/Surface Book).
  • Added ability for longer usernames for online entries.
  • Added new report 'Premium Proofing - Place Totals' (provides a combined summary of all possible premiums both straight and sliding scale).

Version 16.0.0 (1/9/2016)

  • Fixed bug that would not open User Manual under Help menu.

ShoWorks 2012

Version 14.5.0 (12/5/2015)

  • Fixed bug in renumbering class wizard that potentially would mix class numbers.
  • Fixed premium proofing report to include divisions without classes.
  • Made forward compatible with data files opened in ShoWorks 2016.

Version 14.4.0 (5/16/2015)

  • Fixed bug that displayed error upon opening ShoWorks "An error has occurred in the script on this page".
  • Fixed bug that prevented opening the preset report '8001 Livestock Judging Sheet'.
  • Fixed bug that prevented removing of show weight.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the allowing of $0.00 entry fees in Tools>Update Divisions wizard.
  • Fixed bug that allowed illegal characters in Division Sponsor field
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Made option (Tools>Options>Reports) to allow turning on/off the display of exhibitor name and/or club in preset report 'Backtags by Exhibitor'
  • Various minor enhancements.

Version 14.3.3 (5/10/2014)

  • Enhanced the option (Tools>Options>Default Values) when setting the default "Confirmed to Show" to also update the value on existing entries.
  • Fixed bug that failed to update the "Confirmed to Show" checkbox accordingly when syncing entries that were updated from the iPad kiosk mode.

Version 14.3.2 (2/9/2014)

  • Added ability to customize iPad sheet templates, allowing for virtually any column (field) to be displayed and/or updated (contact Gladstone for more information).
  • Enhanced preset report "Sale Summary by Invoice", adding more information such as division, class, placing, etc. for each line item.

Version 14.3.1 (11/26/2013)

  • Reduced the threshold of the new warning message resulting when a user does not having enough RAM (warning when less than 3.3GB).
  • Improved intelligence of Tools>Financial Inspector to discover user errors concerning financials.
  • Added 'phone number' and 'county' to print on 'Exhibitor Activity' report.
  • Improved the sync of iPad sheets to include updating rows with null (empty) values.
  • Right-clicking and 'Run As Administrator' no longer needed for Windows 8.x users.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to export to Excel from Quick Entries.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to create kiosk sheets using the animal gender field.
  • Fixed ### display of large decimal Floor weights in Sale menu.

Version 14.3.0 (11/8/2013)

  • Major update to iPad app to be released in late December 2013.
  • Added barcode scanning using iPad camera with QR Codes on Entry Tags (not available for Lite Edition users).
  • Added kiosk feature for iPads mounted in stands, allowing exhibitors to check-in themselves, make changes, and even reprint entry tags (not available for Lite or Standard Edition users).
  • Added multi-iPad feature for iPad, allowing the user to choose which iPad each sheet is sent to.
  • Added deep search feature for iPad app to search all records by any field.
  • Added ability to edit many fields on iPad app such as description, tag, breed, weight, height, and many other field options.
  • Added ability to display or hide various fields on iPad app.
  • Added ability to print entry tags from iPad app.
  • Added Retina (high resolution) graphics to iPad app.
  • Added compatibility with Microsoft Access 2013.
  • Added new report 'Division Activity' which lists exhibitors and their activity under each division.
  • Added two new Sale Order wizard scenarios 1) performance priority based on class size 2) keep all items of a given place together, rotating divisions within them.
  • Added 'Clear Flags' button in Entries menu to easily remove all checkmarks in entries marked as 'Flag'.
  • Added ability to e-mail any open report directly from the top ribbon menu.
  • Added ability to open the sample file from 'File' menu.
  • Added ability to retrieve archived 'sheets' that have previously been synced from iPad.
  • Improved 'Entry Tags' reports for better readability with more information, including QR Codes(barcodes).
  • Improved Financial Inspector sale tool to look for possible sale mistakes made by data clerks.
  • Improved Sync from iPad to compare time stamp of each individual entry to determine the need to update, allowing for simultaneous multiple iPad updates.
  • Added the field 'Entry Limit per Class per Exhibitor' for custom reporting over Divisions.
  • Clarified startup messages to provide more helpful resolutions.
  • Fixed instability/crashes in iPad app.
  • Fixed erroneous error when uploading online entries with FairJudge media settings.
  • Fixed occasional program crash when user clicks on 'Is Add-on' box in Sale menu.
  • Fixed bug in Divisions menu not allowing update of items marked as 'Media'.
  • Fixed 'Livestock Program' report that did not show records for Access 2013 users.
  • Fixed Division Update tool to cascade updates to existing entries when changes made to Floor Price.
  • Fixed sale 'Split Assistant' to not consider add-ons when estimating split amounts.
  • Fixed check printing so that it unchecks the checkbox 'To Print' after a check is printed.
  • Fixed locked selection of quick print drop-down in Premiums menu.
  • Fixed ### display of large Sale Order numbers in Sale menu.
  • Fixed inability to update Division Type from Division Update tool.
  • Fixed sorting issue when printing from Quick Entries (previously ignored sort when printing).

Version 14.2.2 (12/8/2012)

  • Made compatibile with Windows 8.

Version 14.2.1 (11/14/2012)

  • Integration with Saffire websites to post show results. What is Saffire?
  • Fixed 'Buyer Statements' report to show correct tear-off stub and wording.
  • Removed extra page in reports 'Buyer Statements', 'Buyer Bills', and 'Buyer Activity'.
  • Fixed 'Buyer Bills' report to base Due Date calculation off of Bill Date.
  • Fixed 'Exhibitor Activity' report to include Tag ID in the Income section.

Version 14.2.0 (8/18/2012)

  • Fixed non-responsive and/or error when opening Report Manager resulting after a Windows Update (see Article 113031).
  • Fixed possible iPad cross reference and mix up of entry data while syncing results from iPad that has had rows re-arranged.
  • Fixed error when syncing results from iPad when one or more entries no longer exist in the master data file.
  • Fixed error when creating iPad sheets for divisions that do not belong to a department.
  • Fixed Quick Entries to allow by sorting of Exhibitor ID.
  • Fixed Judging Sheets to group entries in their proper class and sub-class (if applicable).
  • Fixed absence of reminder to backup your data.
  • Fixed absence of ability to update the Entry Class Limits per Exhibitor in the Division Update Wizard.

Version 14.1.0 (5/7/2012)

  • Added Training Videos that can be ran from within program (if installed - Click here for more details on the Training Videos).
  • Report Manager window now resizes to accommodate easier viewing when lots of custom reports present.
  • Straight Premiums now sorted by division, type, then amount for easier viewing.
  • Enhanced searching in Exhibitors menu (by SSN and Confirmation ID).
  • Enhanced viewing of online entry download exceptions by allowing to right-click in this menu to sort/filter.
  • Exhibitor Payout Discrepancy report now sorts by Last Name, First Name.
  • Reduced memory overhead during usage.
  • Fixed listing of custom reports to allow for naming reports using any character.
  • Fixed Sliding Scale menu to allow for deleting of schedules.
  • Fixed popup menu to allow for adding new records in detail.
  • Fixed User Defined Field listing when customizing layouts (to show customized lables instead of "UDEntry-Text1").
  • Fixed Duplicate button in Quick Entries menu to allow edits after duplicating.
  • Fixed crash during Sale Invoice Adjustment.
  • Fixed crash if delete bill in Buyer menu, then return later to attempt to open or print this bill or activity.
  • Fixed constant reminder to refresh premiums when setting Premium Schedules in the Division menu.
  • Fixed error notices in Report Manager.
  • Minor bug fixes and visual enhancements.

Version 14.0.1 (2/5/2012)

  • Added Tag ID to Exhibitor Activity report.
  • Added option to mark entries as 'Confirmed to Show' when syncing iPad results.
  • Improved speed perfomance when loading Report Manager.
  • Revised method of listing reports which caused corruption of reports.
  • Fixed error when creating mailing labels with report wizard.

ShoWorks 2009

Version 12.92.0 (11/22/2011)

  • Forward and Backward compatibility with ShoWorks 2012 data files and reports.
  • Ability to download online entries after scheduled maintenance in December of 2011.

Version 12.9.1 (8/22/2011)

  • Reduced overhead for Report Wizard (less memory required).
  • Removed Export to Excel "Preserve Formatting" which caused instability (can still export to Excel).
  • Improved upload of online entries - can now upload during high traffic.

Version 12.9.0 (7/12/2011)

  • Fixed random crash when creating or editing custom reports (Report Wizard).
  • Fixed renumber tool to add leading zeros when renumbering Tag ID or Classes.
  • Added Ribbon field in Sale Order Check Sheet (in Sale Order Wizard).
  • Added Club email field for custom reports.
  • Removed default notice for Buyers to pay online on their bills (turn on/off in Tools>Options menu).

Version 12.8.0 (1/14/2011)

  • Improved stability in backing up custom reports by forcing user to click 'save' button when needing to save a new report (rather than close with prompt).
  • Fixed non-responsive export of reports to Excel, Word, and PDF formats.
  • Fixed importing of online ticket purchases.

Version 12.7.0 (10/21/10) *=non-announced release of 12.6.3 on 9/14/10

  • *Improved significant stability issues derived from 12.6.0 by a full rebuild.
  • *Improved stability in custom report creation/editing.
  • *Corrected extra page break in Exhibitor Activity report.
  • *Corrected sorting problems in Report Wizard (custom reports).
  • *Fixed non-responsive export to Excel, Word, PDF feature in Quick Entries
  • *Removed alternating label colors in mail label custom reports made under Access 2010.
  • Corrected ocassional crash when adding exhibitors with Entries submenu tab open.
  • Added notice when running incompatible versions of Windows (see Support Article Q117039).
  • Automated the increment of Check Number when manually creating checks.
  • Added Exhibitor ID as a field in the Check Registry for reporting.
  • Enhanced Renumber Records feature to allow for sorting and renumbering checks by any exhibitor field.
  • Enhanced Renumber Records feature to allow for sorting and renumbering entries by Department.
  • *Increased width of sources in Report Wizard first step for readability.
  • *Increased width of Financial Inspector for readability.
  • *Increased width of Class Description label in Judging Sheets for readability.
  • *Increased width of Adjust Premiums dialog for readability.
  • *Updated FairJudge (online photo and media uploading and judging) compatability.
  • *Updated 4HOnline (online 4H membership/enrollment) compatability.
  • *Added ability for user to export reports to Excel with or without saving and with or without formatting.
  • *Added automated compact on data file upon exit of ShoWorks (disabled by default, can enable under Tools>>Options>>Application.
  • *Added automated compact on data file when data file grows more than 20MB since last compact.
  • *Added choice of Access or ShoWorks ribbons (menus) when in Access Companion.

Version 12.6.0 (5/24/10)

  • Enhanced add-on tab in buyer menu to include divisions in listings.
  • Enhanced quick entries tool to include school as a field to choose from.
  • Enhanced sliding scale premiums menu to validate the logic of user input for premium schedules.
  • Enhanced 1099 report to display secondary fair/show name.
  • Added compatibility with Microsoft Access 2010.
  • Added new import feature to import exhibitors and clubs from 4HOnline.com (Tools>>Import>>4HOnline).
  • Added new import feature to update results from online media judging at FairJudge.com (Tools>>Import>>FairJudge).
  • Added ability for club leaders to login to 'Approve from Web' any online entries under their club.

Version 12.5.0 (10/25/09)

  • Fixed Division and Class Summary report to include mixed scenarios of sliding and straight premiums.
  • Added check at startup for prior versions of Access and ShoWorks which cause program instability.
  • Added option (Tools>>Options) to set focus of cursor to Buyer ID instead of Buyer in buyers menu.
  • Added option (Tools>>Options, Reports) to include or exclude Sale income on 1099s (in addition to premium income).

Version 12.4.3 (10/5/09)

  • Fixed occasional inability to open or edit newly created custom reports.
  • Fixed crash when backspacing out of certain fields.
  • Enhanced "Run SQL Statement" tool found under Report Manager>>Queries to allow for saving queries.

Version 12.4.2 (9/27/09)

  • Refined sale order wizard sorting in fourth option of last step.
  • Enhanced 'Daily Fee Balance' preset reports to allow filtering for online vs. non-online activity.
  • Enhanced custom reports made using 'exhibitor activity' to allow filtering for online vs. non-online activity.
  • Enhanced premium option to 'bump' premiums for exhibitors having more than 'x' winnings per class.
  • Added premium option to 'limit' premiums for exhibitors having more than 'x' winnings per class (also works with ribbons and Danish).
  • Added function (Tools>>Options, Misc.) to clear most recently used ShoWorks data files from 'Open Recent' list.

Version 12.4.1 (8/30/09)

  • Fixed sliding scale to allow placings beyond payouts.

Version 12.4.0 (8/23/09)

  • Fixed occasional crash when attempting to add or edit payments in the exhibitor menu.
  • Fixed overlapping of Last Name/First Name in exhibitors menu when Last Name is set to display before First Name (Tools>>Options).
  • Fixed inability to duplicate entries in the Quick Entries tool.
  • Enhanced adding of entries in exhibitors menu to not require clicking 'Add' button or 'Alt-W'.
  • Enhanced adding of entries in exhibitors menu to allow user to select which field has initial focus of cursor (Tools>>Options).
  • Enhanced adding of subrecords in all menus to not require 'Edit' mode.
  • Class Description is now displayed in addition to the Class number in exhibitor activity, checks, and other financial reports.
  • Ribbon and Division Placing have been added as sort options the Add-on wizard sale tool.
  • Added tip/reminder on how to rearrange columns and save spreadsheet views.

Version 12.3.3 (8/16/09)

  • Fixed absence of sliding scale premium calculation when straight premiums have no records.
  • Fixed multiple listing of resale seller check writing.
  • Fixed sorting of exhibitor list in entries menu to sort by last name when this option is turned on.
  • Widend the display of 'Thank you for your support' in buyers bills report.
  • Improved the feedback messages when backing up custom reports ('Backup All').
  • Added Department field to the Quick Entries tool/menu.
  • Added more fields in custom report area called 'Ticket Orders'.
  • Added new preset report 'Division Summary' which is an abreviated version of the 'Division and Class Summary' report.

Version 12.3.2 (7/18/09)

  • Fixed halting of Create Sale tool when over 327 items are added to the sale.
  • Fixed memorizing error in Quick Entries when using names more than 50 characters.
  • Fixed entry fees to allow amounts larger than $99.00.
  • Fixed Renumber Records tool erroneous message.
  • Fixed error message in Jackpot menu (options menu of Premiums menu).
  • Fixed voiding of premiums in sale for sliding scale premiums (options menu of Premiums menu).
  • Widend DOB field in Judging Sheet 8000.
  • Widend division and class fields in Rabbit Coop Cards report.
  • Added option in Divisions menu under Online tab to allow HTML editing of Special Instructions.
  • Added new custom report area called 'Buyer Activity' to allow for detailed reporting financial data for buyers.
  • Added more fields in custom report area called 'Buyer Payments'.

Version 12.3.1 (6/20/09)

  • Fixed duplicate button anomolies.
  • Fixed bills menu to allow editing existing bills.
  • Fixed error when filtering Exhibitor Activity report.
  • Added option in Setup menu under Online tab to allow HTML editing of online text.

Version 12.3.0 (5/25/09)

  • Made compatable with Windows 7 (the next version of Windows after Vista).
  • Added utility (Office Button>>Utilities) to generate WEN values for entries that do not have WEN values (did not originate online).
  • Added option (Tools>>Options, Reports) to print multiple copies of Sale Invoice.
  • Added new preset report 'Rabbit Coop Cards'.

Version 12.2.3 (4/17/09)

  • Improved premium adding to allow for copy/paste of many records.
  • Resized window (increased) of duplicate points and premiums and online download exceptions.

Version 12.2.2 (3/31/09)

  • Fixed occasional crash when editing records.
  • Fixed startup routine crash after creating custom reports.
  • Fixed unresponsive check detail on/off feature for exhibitor check printing.
  • Fixed loss of User Defined Labels when restoring a customized layout.
  • Improved program stability.
  • Enhanced drill-down features across more items (more clickable underlined links).
  • Enhanced start up routine for more reliable starting of ShoWorks.
  • Enhanced validation of fields to prevent illegal characters and nulls.
  • Added function that changes tabs in the entries menu dependent on the division type (similar to ShoWorks 2006).
  • Added built in Training Videos that can be ran from within program (if installed - Click here for more details on the Training Videos).

Version 12.1.3 (2/21/09)

  • Fixed (rare) application crash when adding new records in menus.
  • Added online bill payments for buyers to pay for sale items online.
  • Added online ticketing for the general public (gate passes, RV parking, etc.).

Version 12.1.2 (2/10/09)

  • Fixed billing to reflect edits or additions made directly to bills.
  • Fixed inability to print from Quick Entries menu.
  • Enhanced billing tab in buyers menu to allow for double-clicking on a listed bill to open in print preview mode.

Version 12.1.1 (1/26/09)

  • Fixed inability to create add-ons in the buyer menu.
  • Fixed error when creating custom reports and choosing the option to not display a logo.
  • Fixed inability to set online field requirements when concurrently adding a new division.
  • Fixed the improper masking of exhibitor passwords in exhibitor menu even when option is set to not mask.
  • Restricted the ability to add items to certain list, which should have not allowed the user to add values (Division Placing, Sex, etc.).
  • Enhanced 1099 report to also include outright purchases that are not in the sale or auction.
  • Enhanced startup sequence to better report problems and their solutions upon startup.
  • All dialogs/forms can now also be closed by pressing the Esc key (in addition to having to click the 'Close' button).

Version 12.0.1 (12/10/08)

  • Converting older ShoWorks formated files into the new 2009 format is now allowed for all users.
  • Spreadhseet view (right-click) is now available in all menus.
  • Online Entries of the new version is now supported.
  • Report names can now have an ampersand (&) in them, correcting a blank Custom Report drop-down list previously if a report had the character in the report name.

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