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It is important to recognize that your data will exist in two places.  Your main data file (local data file) will be located on your computer.  You will configure this file with your preferred divisions and classes, clubs, and other settings and upload (send) a copy of this to the ShoWorks Web.  Data entry from the Web will occur in a separate file (Web data file).  At anytime you may download and import this Web data into your local data file.  You may even create entries in your local data file while entries are being made simultaneously over the Web without affecting either file negatively.  Only new changes will be imported into your local data file.  Should an exhibitor change their address information via the Web and you make changes to this same exhibitor on your local data file, the record with most recent changes will be considered and saved.

If you recognize that a change needs to be made to the Web data file, you may make the changes and simply upload (re-send) your local data file again to the Web.  Please allow 10-30 minutes to expire before expecting changes to occur on the Web (due to 'caching' which is in place to increase performance).  Be aware that changing names of divisions, classes, clubs, fees, or schools is not recommended.  This is because there may have already been entries created over the Web using the older names and these entries will not import into your newer file because the old names will not match with the newer names.  Therefore, names should not be changed or deleted until the Web data entry deadlines have expired and no further Web activity will take place and all Web entries have been downloaded and imported into your local data file.  Additions to divisions, classes, clubs, or schools is fine and has no adverse affects to your Web entry.  Simply add the records and upload your local data file again.


Please see our liability disclosure.


Tip: For a visual guide through setting up ShoWorks Online Entries, see Chapter 7 of the ShoWorks Training Videos.  Obtain the Training Videos Here.

Request an account (session) of the ShoWorks Web

Visit http://www.fairsoftware.com/sweb and submit a request by choosing “Request Session”. An email should be sent to you within 24 hours, with a username and password.

If you are taking credit card payments from EXHIBITORS online

Visit https://fairsoftware.com/gateway to submit or confirm your payment gateway/merchant service credentials, or find out more information on how to easily collect payments online to save time and hassle. This process usually takes the banks 2-3 business days.

Setting up your local data file

  1. Ensure that you are running the latest version of ShoWorks by visiting http://fairsoftware.com/updates.aspx and download the update patch if needed.
  2. Begin setting up your local data file by opening ShoWorks
  3. Click the Setup menu, then the Online tab.
  4. Select the appropriate check boxes and radio buttons. 
  5. Be sure to also type your own instructions for exhibitors to see when they first visit your site by filling in the Instructions field and other statements.
  6. (optional) You may use Tools > Update Divisions to do many divisions at once in the following steps.
  7. Click the Divisions menu and enter all of your divisions and classes if you have not already.
  8. If any of the classes in a division should be hidden from online entry, check the "Hide Online" box for those classes.
  9. Update or provide an entry deadline for each division (this deadline is inclusive meaning that if you will not accept entries for this particular division after midnight on 6/15/2017, then you must type in a value of 6/15/2017.
  10. Click the Online Fields tab.
  11. Set the appropriate check boxes and radio buttons to enable fields to be displayed accordingly for each division.
  12. Click the Online Options tab.
  13. (optional) Place a check in the box "Hide online" if you want to hide the selected division.
  14. (optional) Place a check in the box "Exclusive to club/school leaders" if you only want club or school leaders to be allowed to create entries the selected division.  Note: clubs and schools must be pre-entered by you.  You might want to use their tax or state unique ID as their password so they can login.
  15. (optional) Place a check in the box "Requires validation" if you only allow entries to be created in this division that have been created prior (see article http://fairsoftware.com/articledetail.aspx?AID=121008).
  16. (optional) Place a check in the box "Use multiple class drop-down list" if you allow exhibitors to enter more than one class in a particular division.  Horse entries commonly do this.
  17. (optional) You may also type any special instructions that visitors need to see when they create entries for a particular division.  Use this sparingly because visitors may tend to ignore special instructions if they are used too commonly.
  18. (optional) Provide sponsor information if applicable.
  19. (optional) Provide any limits to exhibitors in the Entry Limits or Caps.

Uploading your data to the Web

  1. At the top of ShoWorks, click Cloud, then Upload Setup (if using ShoWorks 2016, or at the top right Upload Data if using ShoWorks 2012).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.  (your user name and password will be given to you by Gladstone)
  3. Upon successful completion, you will be given a Web site address that you can publish to the public where on-line entries can be made for your fair.  Write this address down.  This is the address that you can place a link to on your own website.  The address will be:

    https://[your fair user name].[your server name].com 

    where [your fair user name] is the username and [your server name] is given to the fair upon their account request. 

Important Note for fairs taking Social Security Numbers:
Our site is secure and encrypts all credit card and payment information automatically. If your fair is using Social Security Numbers, you should always link to the site with an address of https://[your user name].[serverr name].com Notice the "s" after the "p" in the https. This ensures that all information (not just payment information) including Social Security Numbers are secure. If you do not understand this concept, please contact Gladstone for further clarification.

Downloading and importing your data to from Web

  1. At the top of ShoWorks, click Cloud then Download Entries (if using ShoWorks 2016, or at the top right Download Data if using ShoWorks 2012).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.  (your username and password will be given to you by Gladstone).
  3. After new data has been imported, you may want to change the casing from entries that HAVE ALL CAPS to proper casing by right-clicking on any field and selecting 'Proper Case'.

To make changes

  1. Make the additions or changes in your local data file as needed (refrain from changing names of divisions, classes, fees, clubs, or schools).
  2. Upload your data as instructed above.

To view your account information on-line and/or void transactions made by mistake

  1. Visit the ShoWorks Web with your browser as if you were an exhibitor (see above for the Web site).
  2. Log on as a fair administrator using your user name and password.
  3. Click Transaction Summary or Void Transactions to clear any entries or carts made by mistake or that were made if you were testing the site.


See the following three articles to solve any problems related to downloading and uploading:

Q121000:   "Cannot upload or download entries because your current data file is either in use by one or more…"

Q121001:   Cannot upload or download entries "Download failed. Your data file did not transfer because…"

Q121004:   Cannot download entries "Web importing error/exception…"

For more help with online entries, see http://fairsoftware.com/helparticles.aspx

Important Notes

You should avoid uploading and downloading your data to the Web during high usage times of the day.  Doing so while visitors are creating entries on-line will prevent them from finishing their data entry and may cause errors.  Uploading should be done late at night or in the early morning hours.  You may upload and download as often as you like.  New data and/or changes will be synchronized with your local data file and the web data file.  No information will be lost.

Requirements of Users

Visitors using the ShoWorks Web must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.  ShoWorks will automatically check for this information and only allow properly configured browsers to proceed.

Requirements of the Fair

You must have Internet access on the machine that will upload and download to the Web.  High-speed Internet access (cable modem, DSL, etc.) is strongly recommended.  Though dial-up modems are a possible method, it is advised not to use them as their speed is usually insufficient for proper use.

If problems occur/Contacting Gladstone

If a visitor contacts you that they are experiencing problems with the ShoWorks Web, you should ask them for:

  1. The browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari) and version number (example: 8.0) they are running (ask them to select Help, then About and read the version number).
  2. Steps to reproduce the problem.
  3. About how many items they have entered
  4. What was the last time they clicked any button
  5. What name are they entering data under (club name, exhibitor name, etc.)

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, contact Gladstone and provide the above information.

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