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Welcome to the ordering process to setup your fair for a ShoWorks Web session (account).  Instructions on how to use the ShoWorks Web may be found here.

Pricing - Costs to your fair

Pricing for the use of the ShoWorks Web may be found here The fair will be billed based on this pricing plan 30 days after the end of the session. Please note that any credits that are applied to your online entry invoice will be revoked if payment is not received in full by the due date on the invoice. Invoices are emailed to the address specified when you setup the session. Due to the unreliable nature of email, it is your responsibility to inquire about any possible balance owed if you do not receive an invoice within 30 days of the date you choose to deactivate your session and be billed for usage. Your session (account) will be deactivated on the date specified or upon written request by the contact person specified (or by email from the account specified).

Limitation of Liability

Gladstone hosts data as it is collected from Web data entry for the fair.  The fair is encouraged to download data frequently to serve as a backup for their data.  Though backups are performed routinely on our servers, Gladstone is not to be held liable for loss of data due to hardware and/or software corruption or damage, accidental overwriting, system failure or any other means; and may not be held liable for any loss of profits or loss of business of any kind as a result of the usage of the ShoWorks Web.  Though reasonable measures are taken to ensure the protection and privacy of data, Gladstone is not responsible for access to this data whether authorized or unauthorized (hacking and/or malicious attacks).  Gladstone upholds the industry standards to maintain the secure transmission of sensitive data when payments are entered through a Web browser (if accepted through the Web) by standard encryption methods.  Gladstone does not guarantee the absence of, or protect against, viruses or other errors that might be connected, or contained within, linked programs and/or files. Any downloaded files (other than your Web data file which is deemed virus-free) such as photos or submitted files by your users should be scanned by up-to-date virus scanning software before executing or viewing; however, doing so does not guarantee against viruses.

Our site is secure and encrypts all credit card and payment information automatically. If your fair is using Social Security Numbers, you should always link to the site with an address of https://[your user name].fairmanager.com Notice the "s" after the "p" in the https. This ensures that all information (not just payment information) including Social Security Numbers are secure. If you do not understand this concept, please contact Gladstone for further clarification.

Copyright Issues

The ShoWorks Web and all of its content (excluding your data file) is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or copied without permission from Gladstone. Source code is not available for purchase.  Any material found on the ShoWorks Web that is copyrighted (such as photos submitted by exhibitors) will be removed when notified of copyright. Any use of copyrighted material is unintentional and was done with no malicious intent. Any incorrect data posted on the ShoWorks Web was done so unintentionally and without malicious intent. The ShoWorks Web (GladStone) is not responsible for ill interpreted or false data.


By clicking the 'I Agree to the Above' button and/or downloading and uploading your data to the ShoWorks Web, the user acknowledges agreement to all conditions of this disclaimer. Before uploading and/or downloading your data to and from the ShoWorks Web, all information on the downloader’s machine or device should be backed up to aid in avoiding loss or corruption of data; however, doing so does not guarantee against any problem.

If you have any questions about this Disclaimer, please contact GladStone from the Contact Us link found at the top of this screen.

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