How to import a report from a downloaded or emailed file by Gladstone

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Category: Reporting
Date Added: 7/30/1999
Date Updated: 12/23/2011

Custom reports are often placed on our web site for customers to download or emailed.

Note: The following steps apply only to ShoWorks 2006 and prior versions.  ShoWorks 2009 and newer users simply double-click on the file that was sent to them (make sure to exit ShoWorks before double-clicking).


  1. Download the custom reports file from the Gladstone web site as specified by a technician or if the file was emailed, save the file.  Note the location that you saved this file to.
  2. Open ShoWorks.
  3. Select Reports>>Manage Reports.
  4. Click the "Preset" button.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

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