Cannot update entries table when using Companion or Microsoft Access

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Date Added: 9/27/2006


When attempting to update entries outside of the ShoWorks interface (such as in the Companion mode or directly from Microsoft Access), you receive the following message:


The entries table cannot be modified outside of the ShoWorks interface because there are many fields that must be controlled in order to prevent data integrity problems. Circumventing the interface would mean circumventing all processes that ShoWorks controls to ensure accurate data and avoids errors that would otherwise result in program interruptions.

The ShoWorks interface controls processes to:

  • Prevent invalid data types from being entered (such as preventing nulls for fields that require real numbers).
  • Calculate the correct premium dollar amounts for a given entry when fields such as division, class, and placings are updated.
  • Ensure only valid classes for a given division are assigned to an entry under a particular division.
  • Time stamp each entry when it was last updated and who the update was made by so an audit trail exists as well as importing/update functions can properly update the most recent entries.
  • Any other processes to ensure accurate data and smooth program usability. 

If you need assistance with updating your ShoWorks data on a quantity basis, please contact Gladstone to request a quote on providing data manipulation service.

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