Error 7960 - There was an error compiling this function. Visual Basic module contains a syntax error

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Date Added: 1/26/2019

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Upon attempting to start ShoWorks, you receive an error message:

Macro Single Step, with an Error Number 7960

followed by

"There was an error compiling this function. The Visual Basic module contains a syntax error..."


The machine running ShoWorks has an incompatible bit-version of Microsoft Office installed. This may occur on a machine that has never had ShoWorks sucessfully running on it, or on a machine that has recently updated/installed Microsoft Office with the incorrect bit-version.

ShoWorks is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office from 2010 through 2019 as long as they are the 32-bit (not 64-bit) versions. For a comprehensive list of ShoWorks versions and their compatibilities with Microsoft Office, see http://fairsoftware.com/articledetail.aspx?AID=117019

See Minimum Requiements here: http://fairsoftware.com/commonquestions.aspx

See why Microsoft recommends against the 64-bit version of Office in most cases here: http://tinyurl.com/msoffice64bit

Note: Do not confuse Microsoft "Office" (must be 32-bit) with Microsoft "Windows" (must be 64-bit). Office is a suite of productivity applications like Word, Excel, Access and Windows is your operating system.


  1. Verifiy your version of Microsoft Office version by following the steps here: http://tinyurl.com/msoffice64bitcheck (you must have the 32-bit version and NOT the 64-bit version). If you are running 64-bit Office, proceed to the next step.
  2. Uninstall all Microsoft Office applications.
  3. Install Microsoft Office in the correct bit version (32-bit).
  4. Activate Microsoft Office. See https://tinyurl.com/swactivateoffice
  5. Install ShoWorks.

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