Immediate error when attempting to Restore backups, use the Cloud, or Activate ShoWorks.

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Date Added: 2/26/2015
Date Updated: 4/30/2019


You receive an immediate Runtime Error when attempting to perform the following processes:

  • Restore Data
  • Any Cloud function (create or sync sheets, publish sale or results, upload/download entries)
  • Activate ShoWorks


A needed component that ShoWorks uses may be corrupt, missing, or not installed properly.


Reinstall ShoWorks but use elevated permissions when installing, then, if the error still continues, start ShoWorks under elevated permissions.


  1. Ensure that you are logged into Windows with Administrator permissions.
  2. Download the full ShoWorks program from the website http://fairsoftware.com/downloads.aspx Do choose not 'Run' but instead 'Save' the file to your Desktop (attempting to 'Run' without first saving locally will not allow you to proceed through the following steps).
  3. Once the file has been saved to your Desktop, right-click on the saved file and choose Run As Administrator.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install ShoWorks. Make certain that the entire install process completes. If any errors occur, the software will not operate correctly.
  5. Attempt to start ShoWorks normally, then try to reproduce the problem. If the error still continues, start ShoWorks under elevated permissions by right-clicking on the ShoWorks icon and choosing Run As Administrator.


Cannot upload or download entries

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