Cannot start ShoWorks on Remote Desktop using Windows Server

Article ID: 117031
Category: General
Date Added: 7/17/2007
Date Updated: 2/8/2012


When accessing ShoWorks over a Remote Desktop method while on a server running Windows Server, you may experience an error upon starting the ShoWorks application from a client computer.

For specific information on how to configure ShoWorks on Remote Desktop, please see the following article "How to use ShoWorks in a Remote Desktop setting" (article number 115004).


  1. The users do not have appropriate permissions to the server to run ShoWorks.
  2. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security is enabled on the server.


  1. Make sure that the users have full permissions to both the location of ShoWorks, the data file, and the registry. See this article for correct settings: http://fairsoftware.com/articledetail.aspx?AID=117017
  2. Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on the server in Add/Remove Windows Components in the Add/Remove Programs tab.

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