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Date Added: 7/27/2004
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ShoWorks uses a technology called "Product Activation" for managing software licenses for computers. This technology is also used by other software products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop, etc.  This technology is based on the fact that all computers have a unique "fingerprint" called a System Code.  A single computer license, called Activation ID is genertated automatically by Gladstone based on the System Code that you provide for each computer.  Therefore each computer will have it's own unique Activation ID.  ShoWorks must be 'activated' within 30 days of installing on any computer (regardless of how many licenses you may have).

The ShoWorks Activation Wizard will walk you through activating your software.  You can Activate using one of two methods:

Method 1 - If the computer is connected to the Internet:

  1. Temporarily turn off any Anti-virus software (see your anti-virus software documentation for instructions).
  2. Temporarily turn off any firewall
    • If you are using Windows as your firewall, choose Start>>Control Panel, then "Windows Firewall" OR choose "Security Center" then "Manage Security Settings" for Windows Firewall.
    • If you are using another software product for your firewall you may need to refer to that product documentation on how to disable the firewall.
  3. Run ShoWorks and select Help>>Activate ShoWorks.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions for activating using the Internet.

Method 2 - If the computer is NOT connected to the Internet OR you experience problems in Method 1:

  1. Run ShoWorks and select Help>>Activate ShoWorks.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions for activating and choose "No, this computer cannot connect to the Internet" (even if it can)
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions exactly (ready them very carefully, follow them in order, and do not skip any steps)

Problems Activating:
If you cannot activate for some reason and have tried the steps above:

  1. If you receive an immediate error and ShoWorks exists upon attempting to activate, see the following article: Immediate error when attempting to Restore backups, use the Cloud, or Activate ShoWorks.
  2. You may need to manually add the Activation ID to the config file. See the following article: Error Detail 2501 'swOpenInterface' when starting ShoWorks or Runtime Error when Activating ShoWorks
  3. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest update patch located at http://fairsoftware.com/updates.aspx
  4. You may not have permissions in Windows to activate. See the following article: Cannot start ShoWorks with non-Administrator Windows Account.

To manage your Activations (deactivating ShoWorks on former computers):

To retrieve an Activation ID that matches a computer's System Code and your fair's Serial Number OR to deactivate any previous activations, see the activation page http://fairsoftware.com/activate.



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