ShoWorks Online Add-ons

Your auction revenuew will rise 30%*

You asked for it, we delivered! Unleash the power of online presence in your auction beyond all geographic boundaries!

Online Add-on Links

Online Add-on Features

  • Take auction add-ons both online and local at the same time
  • Natively built right into your existing ShoWorks using the same, trusted environment as your existing online entries
  • Absoultely configuration needed, just create your sale as normal, then 'upload'
  • Give these kids a world of opportunity by allowing add-ons from anywhere
  • Optionally project onto the big-screen to display your live sale
  • Credit card payments are deposited directly to your bank
  • Photos of auction items/livestock automatically viewable
  • Easily search for auction items for quick add-ons
  • Automatic emailing of receipts to buyers
  • Use themes to match your fair website
  • Let buyers register online and/or update their existing contact info online
  • Let buyers view their existing auction purchases, and pay their bill online
  • 5-second sync with your local ShoWorks
  • Our servers are 100% secure, safe and PCI certified

Common Questions

No configuration needed? Really???
Yep, just set your sale/auction as you normally do in ShoWorks and simply upload (Cloud>Upload) or download your data. Just a click. That's it!
What are the requirements?
ShoWorks 2024 and your online entries session set to a ShoWorks Plus account type (done when you set up your online entries).
How much does this cost?
1% of transactions (add-on amount). Your credit card fees will apply and be handled by your credit card merchant. For more pricing details, see https://fairsoftware.com/commonquestions.aspx
How are photos displayed?
Photos are automatically pulled from your online entries without any intervention needed. A ShoWorks Plus account already prompts exhibitors to upload photos when creating their entries. Contact us with questions about using ShoWorks for your online entries.
How can I make this happen now?
All you need to do is make sure that you are running the latest ShoWorks version (2024) and that your online entries account is a ShoWorks Plus type (ask us and we can check for you and change it if it isn't!). Then just upload your data once you set up your sale (have created your Sale Invoices) within ShoWorks. Direct your buyers to any of the following websites/URLs:
  • https://addons.fairwire.com
  • https://buyer.fairwire.com
  • https://[your fair user name].fairwire.com/addons
Anything else I can do?
There sure is! Did you know that in addition to making add-ons online, your buyers can also register AND view pay their entire auction bill online as well? In the same way as above, just upload your data after you have created bills and now your buyers can visit one of the links above to view or pay their entire auction bill online!
* Auction revenues with online presence historically averaged an increase of 30% over prior years without online presence. Source: ShoWorks Cloud LLC 2023.

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