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Using the ShoWorks Web can easily pay for itself regardless of your staff expense (volunteers or not) because it releases your staff to devote their time towards other duties rather than perform tasks that the exhibitors, clubs, schools, and buyers can easily (and more willingly) do themselves.  More importantly, you can generate revenue from online entries by allowing sponsorships to have banner ads displayed on your online entry forms.  Contact us for details and references of other fairs who take advantage of this.

   $200 per session
+ $0.20 per entry
+ 1% of transactions§ (whether processed in real-time or delayed. See examples below)
-  full credit* of your Service Plan

Wisconsin fairs add 18% for administrative fees (lowering to 15% beginning 2021)

Use the calculator below to estimate your cost:

How many entries would you take online?
What is the average Entry Fee (if any)?$
How much total $ in auction transactions AND buyer payments would you take online?$
What Edition of ShoWorks do you use?

*The following credit applies towards online usage: $350 for Lite Edition users, $450 for Standard Edition users, and $550 for Large Fair and Enterprise users. This credit will only apply if payment on services is remitted within 30 days of invoice date. All past due invoices will be adjusted to remove this credit.

**Though ShoWorks does not charge for credit card/e-check processing, your typical banking fees will apply to payments made online.

†A session of ShoWorks online is period of time, typically lasting from a few months leading up to and including the time of an event or period of taking entries, and optionally through a period of taking payments after an auction, for a given online "account". Most fairs will take all of their entries in only one "account", though some fairs with year-round multiple events (a fair hosting events in the spring and fall) or larger fairs may choose to separate and collect entries accross multiple "accounts" for organizational purposes (different accounts for livestock, creative arts, juniors, open, etc.) though multiple accounts is not necessary in most cases.

§Examples of transactions are published dollar amounts for the selling or payment (real-time or delayed) of goods and services offered online through the ShoWorks system, such as entry fees, gate passes, tickets, auctions and/or payments of such. The fee is based on the transaction $ amount. Online entries incur one single transaction when one or multiple entries are submitted including any payment made during this submission. A combined submission of entries and payments on those entries is considered one transaction (one 'click' action is made). So for example, $50 of entries along with a $50 payment made at the time is considered a single $50 transactions and thus 1% ($0.05) is the "transaction fee". Auctions are different in that there can be one or two transactions: 1) the selling transaction and optionally 2) the payment transaction. An auction item selling for $800 and a subsequent $800 payment of that item by a buyer will count as two separate $800 transactions and thus 1% of $800 ($8 fee) if the item was bid online, plus another 1% of $800 ($8 fee) if an online payment is later made on this transaction.

‡Gladstone incurrs higher administrative, legal, and accounting costs when doing business with The State of Wisconsin which results in an added 18% administrative fee (lowering to 15% in 2021). Learn more here

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