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"I want to say that Online Entry is AWESOME! So many people have been telling us how great it is... I cannot tell you how easy it has been for me to get it set up and going. Thank you for saving me HOURS of work. We will happily recommend it to anyone. Especially anyone entrenched with WinFair (Blue Ribbon-Martech). We should have switched a LONG time ago."
Molly Kay – Island County Fair (WA)

"We loved the web entry, it saved us so much time you wouldn't believe it.  It all worked great and we are looking forward to next fair season and working with ShoWorks"
Janadene Skinner – Lincoln County Fair (WY)

"The amount of clerical time saved with online entries was tremendous. Exhibitors and Club Leaders entered their exhibits with ease, taking the stress off staff at a critical time."
Elaine La Rochelle – Eastern Oregon Livestock Show and Union County Fair (OR)

"Everything is working great!!!!!! - Love the online entries (as it) makes our fair work smoother. Thanks for producing a great product!!!!!!!!!!!"
Roger Koberstein – Phillips County Fair (CO)

"The online entry procedure was extremely easy to use. I've got to admit, I love the ShoWorks software system."
Michael L. Hashisaki – Sanders County Fair (MT)

"We had online registration for the second year this year. We had many positive comments. People like having the ability to register their exhibits at home and just drop them off on entry day. They have also entered exhibits in other areas because they see what’s available when they are registering their exhibits."
Molly Kay – Island County Fair (WA)

"Online entries offered cleaner entries that did not require writing interpretation, deducing what divisions and classes were being entered, and allowed instant turnaround on entries rather than waiting for the mail. We will most certainly use the system again."
D.J. Walker and Raleigh Jobes – Oklahoma State Fair (OK)

"The cost savings and reduction in error from using the ShoWorks Web has been tremendous for our staff.  In a world of growing cost, this has proved to be an extremely valuable asset."
Ken Anderjak – Delaware State Fair (DE)

"The ShoWorks Web has streamlined our entry process, cutting our labor cost and allowing us to process entries more efficiently by downloading them easily from the Web."
Johnny Philipello - Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo (TX)

"ShoWorks Web entry was easy for our exhibitors to use. By using the ShoWorks Web, mistakes are now a thing of the past."
Jimmy Curtis - Four States Fair & Rodeo (AR)

"We are a small stock show and online entries saved us many hours of labor. The program is fantastic and made our record keeping very efficient."
Tom Heffernan - Atascosa County Livestock Show (TX)

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