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ShoWorks Training Videos

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The ShoWorks Training Videos are available!

These videos are a great resource for both the beginner who needs to master ShoWorks from the ground up, and for the veteran user needing a refresher to polish up their ShoWorks skills after months of being away. They also serve as a valuable learning tool for those new to your staff and the fair industry. This 12-hour set is a must have for any ShoWorks user. Click here for more information.

ShoWorks Onsite Training

Gladstone provides onsite training at a cost of $1,750 per day (up to 8 hours per day), plus travel expenses for the duration paid by the fair.  To submit a training request, please print, complete and fax this form to (888) 332-2419.  Upon receipt of this form, we will provide you with a quote which includes all travel expenses.  The commitment to training is not made until the quote is approved by your fair.

ShoWorks Services are limited during peak fair season (May through September) and may not be accessible due to appropriated resources of our tech support team.

Travel expenses include

The "duration" is considered 1 hour before departure from the CLL airport until return arrival at the CLL airport.  If no air travel is required, the duration is the time outside of College Station city limits.

  • Round trip airfare/transportation from College Station, Texas (CLL) to your site (if applicable).
  • Hotel accommodations for duration.
  • Automobile 
    • Economy rental car for duration plus $0.25 per mile OR...
    • $0.75 per mile if not using rental or air transportation.
  • $50 per day (per diem) for duration.
  • $50 per hour for travel time (time during driving, flight, layovers, or services related to transportation, including delays out of Gladstone's control).


  • Training attendees are to be from the staff of one fair only.  Additional fairs may combine to the training at the cost of $875 per additional fair per day of training.
  • A limit of 12 attendees is strongly recommended.
  • Complete payment is due 1-week prior to the start of training.
  • No booking will be made/confirmed until the quote is approved by your fair (via PO or letterhead statement). 
  • A "day" of training is considered 0 to 8 hours of service. Additional hours beyond 8 in a given day will accrue an additional $100 per hour thereafter.
  • Please note: Travel time (see above) is factored into the travel expense at $50/hr.
  • Training is performed only on the latest version of the software.

What is needed at your site

  • An large screen TV or projector with an HDMI connection (to connect to a laptop computer which we will provide).
  • A screen, whiteboard or other projection surface located in a conference room (preferably with lighting control).
  • A power supply sufficient to provide the projector and laptop computer.
  • A high-speed Internet connection via Ethernet or wireless (if online entries are to be covered in training).

Your request preferences

Please complete and email to training@fairsoftware.com

Fair Name: _____________________________________________________________
Location of Training (Address, City, State) _____________________________________________________________
Days of Training: _______________ days
Date(s) of Training: _____________________________________________________________
Alternate Date(s) of Training: _____________________________________________________________
Contact Person: _____________________________________________________________
Contact Phone Number: _____________________________________________________________
Contact E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

A typical 1-day agenda for training

The following is only a suggestion as your preference for us may be ranging from custom programming to supervising the live fair process itself.

  • Initiation and Introduction
    Training usually begins with a briefing from your departments or end-users to get an idea on where they are at (in their familiarity with ShoWorks), their needs and concerns with changing to the new system.
  • Analysis of the current system
    Understanding the processes that the fair already uses and its implications.  Oftentimes a fairs current system has terminology or standards that will be different from ShoWorks, even though the processes are almost identical.  Hardware capabilities are also considered.
  • Walk-through of ShoWorks
    At this point, users may want to just observe at a basic level, the process and strengths/limitations of ShoWorks.  Interaction is initiated more by us at this stage. The value of this is becoming familiar with the "ins and outs" as well as "tricks, tips and hints" that they may otherwise not be aware of in their initial exposure to ShoWorks.  They will also see how other fairs use the software to its fullest potential and may recognize useful features that they have not considered when using the prior system.
  • Integrating ShoWorks into the current fair process
    Once the users are more familiar with the use of ShoWorks, more specific issues can be resolved.  Questions such as "We currently need this, but how will ShoWorks do this?" are addressed.  It is at this point where the day may begin to take more focus on certain topics such as basic reporting, online entries or how ShoWorks will integrate with your current accounting demands.  Interaction is now more initiated by the end-users.
  • Advanced topics, looking "under the hood" and integrating other applications with ShoWorks
    Another focus of training is the understanding and use of third party applications such as Microsoft Access to utilize the full potential of ShoWorks in terms of customization.  If this is desired and a viable option for the fair, training on the "how to" of Microsoft Access ™ in terms of creating queries and reports allows the fair to match their reporting needs exactly as expected.  (note: a licensed copy of Microsoft Access is needed for this option)
  • Custom Report building
    At this point, we can build custom reports for you onsite to meet your needs.

Additional days may involve custom programming or small group breakouts among departments or superintendents.  It is important to note that these are only suggestions as we tailor our day(s) to your needs.

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