Using multiple iPads with ShoWorks

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Using ShoWorks on an iPad to check-in and judge entries.


For a complete view of the 1-hour video with an interactive Table of Contents, visit https://youtu.be/iSvoAKwjjZQ


As an example, assume there are four different iPads. The steps below will instruct you to setup each iPad as it's own channel (A, B, C, and D) which will allow you to designate sheets (check-in sheets, judging sheets, kiosks, etc.) to explicitly go to one and only one of the four iPads. Even if you want all four to have the exact same sheet (data), you will create four copies of the sheets and send each copy to each iPad.


  1. Install ShoWorks on each iPad (a free download from the Apple App Store) and register each by following the onscreen instructions by entering in your ShoWorks serial number.
  2. Identify each iPad as "A", "B", "C" and "D" (etc.). You may choose to easily do this by using masking tape with a label on the back of the iPad. In addition, open the ShoWorks app, on each iPad and under the Settings menu (within the ShoWorks app), change the channel of each of the iPads to "A", "B", "C", and "D".
  3. Open ShoWorks for Windows. Create a sheet (see the ShoWorks User Manual for more information on how to create sheets and use the iPad app) by following the step-by-step wizard. In the second to the last step of creating a sheet, you are given the opportunity to give the sheet a name and designate a channel (A, B, C, D, etc.). Using the drop down list, select channel "A". Then click the "Next" button.
  4. The previous step created a sheet and assigned it to channel "A". You can easily create multiple copies of this sheet, for other channels by clicking the "Back" button, changing the channel to "B", and clicking "Next". Repeat this process (Back, change the channel to "C", then click "Next") multiple times depending on how many iPads you have. In this example, you would do so four times (A, B, C, and D).
  5. You may now click the "Sync" button to send the sheets to the Cloud.
  6. Download the sheets to each iPad by opening the ShoWorks app on the iPad and either tapping on the sync icon (lower left) or pulling down the list of sheets to sync.
  7. Use the iPads as normal, updating the information as needed. ShoWorks keeps record of when each individual entry has been updated by time stamping the individual entry.
  8. At anytime, any user of any iPad may save and "complete" their sheets and sync the data back to the Cloud (and ultimately ShoWorks). ShoWorks will know what data to update by looking at individual entrties and their "time stamp" and updating entries only when newer changes on each entry has been changed.

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