Understanding passwords for online accounts

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Date Added: 6/13/2019


There are many types of ShoWorks online entries accounts:

  • Exhibitor
  • Group
  • Club
  • School
  • Buyer
  • Passport
  • Administrator

Names must be unique and therefore, passwords are assigned to prevent others with the same name, from being confused as the same person. If one cannot login and are certain they have saved their information (which is not saved automatically in order to keep open unique names for others), you can resolve by the following steps.

This article applies only to Exhibitors or Groups. Club and School passwords are currently assigned by the fair. Buyer passwords are their Buyer ID (Buyer Number) which is assigned by the fair.

Please follow the sequence below if a user (Exhibitor or Group) cannot access the ShoWorks online entries system.

For Exhibitors and Groups who cannot access their online account:

  1. Determine if the exhibitor or group actually is still in the system by attempting to login and choosing "I am a new exhibitor (group)...". If you receive a message that the name is already taken, then this exhibitor (group) is in the system and proceed to step 2 below.
    Note: Exhibitor and group information is not saved unless they either have made a previous transaction (completely checked out and submitted entries or registered and checked out), or saved their cart. Simply closing their browser will dispose of any changes if they did not complete the process or physically click the Save Cart button to save their progress. This is to prevent users from holding a name (First Name, Last Name combination or Group Username which must be unique) that could be used later on by someone else of the same name.
  2. If you cannot login as this exhibitor or group, click the link "Forgot your password" to email the password to the account email if this was provided by the original transaction. An email will attempted to be sent to this user if and only if previous transactions have been completed and submitted for this exhibitor or group. If they have not fully completed at least one check-out, or did not provide a valid email address, this email will not be sent. Proceed to step 3 below if a password email was not successful.
  3. If the system is unable to email a password from the conditions above, the user either has a Saved Cart or did not provide a valid email or that email was sent to a spam mailbox (check spam). Check to see if the Saved Cart exists by logging into the site as a Administrator and clicking the Saved Carts link at the top of the menu. This will show all saved carts and allow you to reset their password (or delete the cart completely). Clicking "Reset" for their password will change their password to "reset" and allow the user to login and change this password to a more secure phrase. If a saved cart does not exist for this exhibitor, proceed to step 4 below. If this is for a group, skip step 4 and proceed to step 5.
  4. If the user does exists in the system (is not able to create a new account under the same name because it is already taken), does not have a Saved Cart, and is unable to have the system email their password, then download all entries into their local desktop ShoWorks and lookup their password by first unmasking the passwords by going to Tools>Options>Formatting> and uncheck the box for Mask Passwords. Then locate the exhibitor in the Exhibitors menu and click the Summary tab to see their true password. Note: for security reasons, this feature will be removed at the end of 2019.
  5. If this is for an exhibitor and the exhibitor is not found after the download (and you have verified that you have downloaded all entries) or this is for a group, then you have overlooked steps 1 or 3 above. If you feel that all steps above have been completed, then contact ShoWorks support and provide the following:
      • The website for your online entries (such as https://sample.fairwire.com )
      • The type of login (Exhibitor or Group)
      • What they are typing in as the First Name and Last Name (or Group Name)

      We will then research with the above information and attempt to resolve the problem.

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