Considerations involving entry deadlines and entry limits and caps on divisions and classes

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Date Added: 8/4/2011
Date Updated: 6/15/2023

Entry Deadlines:

The Entry Deadline for divisions prevents new entries from being created after this date has elapsed. The date has no effect on when anyone can or cannot visit the online entries website, or check-out and submit their entries if they have already saved a cart that has entries added to it prior to the date/time.

  1. The Entry Deadline field in the divisions menu (format of ##/##/## #:## PM or AM) determines the cutoff time of when the public can no longer create entries under that division. If the time/hour is left off of the deadline (only a date is entered) then the time assumed is 11:59pm of the given date. For example, an entry deadline of 8/4/23 would mean that entries can be created up until 11:59pm on 8/4/23 (late at night, on your time zone). An entry deadline of 8/4/23 5:00 PM would mean that entries could be created up through 8/4/23 at 4:59 PM.
  2. The online entries website is enabled until Gladstone closes the session at the end of the month in which you (the fair) has specified that you no longer need the site, however up until this time, you (the fair) controls when to disable/enable the entire site.

The above two considerations mean that it is possible for an exhibitor to create and entry before the deadline but instead of checking out, they could save their cart and return at a later time, even after the Entry Deadline as long as the site is enabled to submit their cart (complete the transaction).

Entry limits and caps for Divisions and Classes and Fee items:

In the similar way, Division and Class limits and caps, and limited exhibitor fees may also be exceeded if users add the entries or fees to their cart prior to the limits or caps being met. The totals when checking against limits are made only when items have been fully submitted after check-out. This means that one could add the items to their cart if the limits have not been met, then save their cart and later return to submit the cart - even if the limits have since been met. If limits are critical in your operations, it is recommended to continually download and check your totals often as these limits are approached and if near the limit, delete any saved carts from the site (see instructions below)

If you do not want the visitor to be able to submit a saved cart, you must either:

  • Disable the entire site (manually in ShoWorks, select “Disable”), at which point, no one can enter the site - including the fair administrator,


  • Login to the online entries site as an Administrator and click 'Saved Carts' and delete all saved carts.
Note: The fair can always download entries even after the site is disabled.

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