Error "IBizAmazon.S3.1" when attempting to backup/restore, sync iPad or Cloud, or publish results.

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Date Added: 8/24/2013
Date Updated: 3/21/2018


When attempting to use features in ShoWorks that communicate with the Cloud (such as an off-site/online backup or restore, publish results to the web, or sync results to and from an iPad, you receive an error IBizAmazon.S3.1 with Error 20302 Timeout or Error 20152 (Forbidden or Bad Request).


Step 1: Check that your Windows clock/time is correct. This error will occur if for example, your computer clock is set at a different date/time than the actual.

Step 2: Try the process again, and if the error persists, exit ShoWorks and restart Windows (anyone other users in the same ShoWorks data file should do the same).

Step 3: Try the process again, and if the error persists, check to see if you have Microsoft Access installed and "activated". To determine this, click the Start button and type MSACCESS and hit the Enter key to bring up Access. Then click "Open Other Files" and then "Account". Look to the right panel and click "About". Make sure that you see 32-bit at the top of the menu and that you are not receiving any warnings about 'Not Activated' or similar. If so, Activate your license of Microsoft Access.

Step 4: Try the process again, and if the error persists, see the following help article, especially making sure to follow Step 7 in Part B (checking the box "Allow Trusted Locations on my network" when changing the Trust Center Settings: http://fairsoftware.com/articledetail.aspx?AID=117041

Step 5: Try the process again, and if the error persists, reinstall ShoWorks.

Step 6: Try the process again, and if the error persists and you have checked to ensure that your machine is connected to the Internet, contact your network administrator and have them check their firewall settings for unnecessary restrictions.

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