How to install the ShoWorks Companion when not initially available

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Category: General
Date Added: 7/17/2007
Date Updated: 3/9/2018


In order for the ShoWorks Companion for Microsoft Access to be available, a licensed copy of Microsoft Access must be installed prior to installing ShoWorks. Otherwise, the ShoWorks install process will not recognize that Access is present and will not install the Companion.

Important!  The correct version of Microsoft Access must be installed that matches the version of ShoWorks.  For a table of which version of Microsoft Access matches the appropriate version of ShoWorks, see the article: Understanding versions of ShoWorks and Microsoft Access


  1. Click Start and type MSACCESS and hit the Enter key. Verify that Microsoft Access is the correct version by using the link to the article above.
  2. Once the proper version of Access has been verified, reinstall ShoWorks.

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