How to determine which version of ShoWorks is installed

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Date Added: 7/7/2003
Date Updated: 8/22/2018

ShoWorks versions are determined by their build number. ShoWorks 2016 is not simply referred to ShoWorks 2016 but for example, version 16.8.1. It is important to always be using the latest build of a given version of ShoWorks. To determine what version/build you are running, follow one of two methods

If ShoWorks is open and running:
  1. Select "Help" > "About ShoWorks" and read the version number.  It should read as a number, like 16.8.1

If ShoWorks is not open or will not open:

  1. Select Start, then type ShoWorks xxxx Info (where "xxxx" is the year such as ShoWorks 2016 Info) and hit the Enter key.

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