Tips on keeping your data file small and efficient

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Category: File Maintenance
Date Added: 6/16/2000
Date Updated: 8/22/2018


Your data file (example: myfair.swd) will probably grow anywhere from 0.7MB (for small fairs with only a few hundred entries) to 25 MB (for large fairs with nearly 40,000 entries).  The file size (measured in bytes) is determined by the number of characters that you have typed in your data file. Each character that you type will take up one byte of data.
Your program file (ShoWorks xxxx.swkdb) should remain fairly constant near 30 to 70 MB.

A good practice is to frequently compact your data file (myfair.fair).  Compacting this file will help not only reduce the file size but also increase performance (slightly).  You can compact your data file by selecting File > Utilities > Compact Data File.  Important: Before compacting, you should make a backup of the file.  In addition, any network users working with this same file should be logged off from ShoWorks.

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