How to convert data from Path Code or other programs to ShoWorks

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Date Added: 9/26/1998
Date Updated: 1/12/2003

ShoWorks can read data generated from Path Code (or any other program) be means of conversion.  The following example illustrates the procedure for importing a from a simple ASCII.  You can use variations of this method for different approaches to data conversion.  See the bottom portion of this article for more information on different techniques.

You must have Microsoft Access in order to use this procedure.  In addition, it is assumed that the foreign data file (file generated from Path Code or other program) is in ASCII (text) format.

Because the instructions include illustrations and graphics, they are in Microsoft Word format.  YOU MUST have Microsoft Word in order to read this file.

1. Download the file called pc2sw.exe (click on this link) and note the location that you save it to.
2. Run the file by double-clicking on it.
3. Note the location where it will unzip and click the "Unzip" button.
4. Open the file in Microsoft Word.

More Information:

There are other ways to import data into ShoWorks. Copying and pasting are an example, but you need to follow some basic guidelines when doing so. If you are importing data from several fairs who use ShoWorks, you might be able to acquire their ShoWorks data files and simply "import records" from them directly into your data file (see the ShoWorks help topic on importing data from other ShoWorks files).

However, you might be trying to import data from another program (other than ShoWorks). In this case, you will more than likely need to set the data up so that ShoWorks can understand them.

Since ShoWorks maintains referential integrity, you must first import the exhibitors, then divisions, then any clubs, and only last, import the entries data.

If you are wanting to copy and paste directly from Excel into ShoWorks, you must also make sure that the data types are the same. For example, if the data you want to import includes alpha characters in the Entry Number field, then ShoWorks will not accept it since only numbers are allowed in ShoWorks' Entry Number field.

You will also need to make sure that your Excel columns are in the same order as what appears in ShoWorks when you view the data in "Subform datasheet" view (see the ShoWorks help topic - "subform datasheet view" on how to display your data in this view).


1) After you have arranged your data in an Excel spreadsheet that you want to import (paste), select all the data in your Excel spreadsheet (but not the row with the column headings if you have any). Copy this data (Edit-Copy).

2) Open ShoWorks and go to the menu you wish to paste the data in (for example, Clubs).

3) Right-click on the form and select "subform datasheet view".

4) From the top menubar, select "Edit" then "Paste Append".

5) If your data did not paste in. It is because of one or more of the following reasons:

a) one or more fields has an invalid data type (as mentioned above).
b) the number of columns are in correct or the sequence is out of order.
c) you might have overlooked one of the steps above.

Another way to import data from other data files is to use Microsoft Access 97 (which comes with some versions of Microsoft Office 97). In this procedure, you will simply open up your ShoWorks data file from within Access and import the data into the desired tables. See the Microsoft Access help guide for information on importing data into tables.

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