How to remove and re-install ShoWorks

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Date Added: 1/28/1999
Date Updated: 8/22/2018

You may need to reinstall ShoWorks for reasons such as installing Microsoft Access to use the ShoWorks Companion.  In this case, you should follow detailed steps to remove ShoWorks completely.

Steps (you must backup both your data file AND your custom reports/queries):

  1. Backup your data file by following the steps in the article: How to back-up your data file
  2. Backup your custom reports by following the steps in this article: How to backup reports or changing computers and sharing reports on multiple computers
  3. Uninstall ShoWorks by double-clicking on the file: C:\Program Files\ShoWorks xxxx\UNWISE.EXE  ShoWorks xxxx (where xxxx is the version year) then choose "automatic" and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Open "My Computer" and navigate in the window to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ShoWorks xxxx (where xxxx is the version year)
  5. Delete this folder and all subfolders in this directory by highlighting the folder "ShoWorks xxxx" (where xxxx is the version year) and pressing the delete key on your keyboard.

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