Where to purchase checks, entry tags, and other fair supplies

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Date Added: 8/21/2007
Date Updated: 8/1/2018

ShoWorks prints checks and entry tags on standard paper and card stock forms available through various providers (see below). An alternative to fairs needing to use their own "in house" checks or entry tags is to modify these reports using Microsoft Access and the ShoWorks Companion for Microsoft Access (for information on how to modify preset reports, see http://fairsoftware.com/articledetail.aspx?AID=113020 )

Where to order entry tags (two options):

  • Fair Publishing (preferred) www.fairpublishing.com 800-824-3247 (handles all entry tag stock)
  • Regalia www.regaliamfg.com 800-798-7471 (only limited supplies of 6 per page stock, no other formats available)

Where to order checks:

Any banking institution or where you order your current checks.  In addition, make sure that the checks you order are:

  • Quicken and/or QuickBooks Compatible
  • one check per page
  • one check at the top of the page, with two vouchers below
  • laser or ink jet compatible

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