Tips on creating mailing lists

Article ID: 113021
Category: Reporting
Date Added: 5/6/2000
Date Updated: 1/12/2003

Custom report produces too many records (rows or mail labels) for an exhibitor when attempting to create mailing list from entries.

Only select the fields that you wish to display on the report and/or
those fields you wish to filter by. If you select a field which identifies a single entry (such as Entry Number) from each exhibitor, you will end up with that many records (rows or labels) for each exhibitor.


  1. In the Report Wizard, select "Entries"
  2. Select "Exhibitor Name", "Address", "City", etc. including
    "Division" but not "Entry Number". This is the source of confusion. If
    the exhibitor has 40 entries and you select Entry Number, you will end up
    with 40 labels for that exhibitor. If however you select Division, and this
    exhibitor has those 40 entries across 3 different divisions, you will have
    only 3 labels (one label per exhibitor per division - regardless of how many
    entries they have in each division).
  3. Create the rest of the report as usual.

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