Understanding Report Terminology and tips on creating custom reports

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Date Added: 9/3/2002
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For advanced tweaking of reports using Microsoft Access, see the article: How to edit reports using Microsoft Access with the ShoWorks Companion

ShoWorks provides flexible reporting options so you generate a report with the information you need. Here are a few common notes about the custom reporting process:

Within the Reports tab in ShoWorks, click Manage Reports then New. The Report Wizard, which is available in all editions of ShoWorks, enables you to select the information you want to display on a report.

When you first create and then save a report, this report will be listed in Reports > Custom Reports.

  • Sort Order: Arranges records in order specified, such as listing youngest exhibitors first, names in alphabetical order, entries that placed higher, etc..
  • Filtering: Choosing criteria for which you want matching records. For example, only listing entries in a certain division or class is a filter.

    To only list records that meet a certain criteria (ex only entries in a particular division, exhibitors with certain date of birth range, etc), you can choose filters. In the "Would you like to filter the data for specific records?" screen of the Report Wizard, choose the filter name. When you press the Enter or Tab key, choices will appear to the right of the box. Click on your choice. To make multiple selections in one box, press the Ctrl key, then make your selections.

  • Grouping: Lists similar records together. For example, choosing to list entries in a division together or listing records with a sub-heading of similar breeds are grouping options.

    In the "Group By" step, you can indicate a subheading to list records or entries together. For example, you may want to indicate a grouping option if you want to list entries together in the same division/class, etc. If a grouping option is not selected, the records will be listed without any grouping or headings, with one record appearing after another.

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