A work-around using Ribbons instead of Places for Sliding Scale Premiums

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Date Added: 8/2/2013

How to easily address the need for when you give premiums on Ribbons only (not Place), yet want to use the Sliding Scale Premiums feature which is much faster since you can create a "schedule" of premiums and just plug this into many divisions across a department or the entire fair that share the same payout.


The Sliding Scale feature only assigns the premiums by "Place" (1,2,3, etc.), but you work with "Ribbons" (Blue, Red, Yellow, etc.).


Step 1: Setup your premiums in the Premiums menu under the "Sliding Scale" with Place values representing numbers; letting 1 to represent Blue, 2 to represent Red, 3 to represent Yellow, etc. (or whatever colors your system uses).

Step 2: When judging entries, update the Ribbon field (Blue, Red, etc.) as normal.

Step 3: Before producing premium checks, command ShoWorks to automatically assign a value of 1 in the Place field when an entry has a Ribbon value of "Blue", assign a value of 2 in the Place field when an entry has a Ribbon value of "Red", etc. Do this by going to Reports>Report Manager>Queries>Run SQL Statement. Paste the following line:

UPDATE Entries SET Place=1 WHERE Ribbon="Blue"

Do this again for second place:

UPDATE Entries SET Place=2 WHERE Ribbon="Red"

Repeat as needed, modifying the colors of Ribbon to (Yellow, etc.) to match the Place value. You can also "Save" these statements allowing you to later simply double-click them in the future to run the process again. You may do this as many times as you like and do no harm to your data assuming that this indeed is what you want (setting the Place equal to the Ribbon value).

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