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Date Added: 8/4/2000
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The preferred methods of updating many entries at once can be found by selecting Tools then Quick Entries. A second feature using Microsoft Excel can be found by selecting Tools then Spreadsheet Wizard.  However the following older methods may also be used and are listed for archival purposes only.

Method 1: Filtering and Sorting the screen (menu) in the same method as a report.

1) Filter and Sort the entries menu in the same way that you have created your judging sheet (by using the Custom Report Wizard).  For example, if your judging sheet was filtered for Division = "Beef" and sorted by "Entry Number", you will filter your entries menu to only see the Division of "Beef" (right-click on Divisions and type "Beef" in the "Filter For" area).  The sort your menu by Entry Number by right-clicking on Entry Number and selecting "A-Z".  Your screen now contains all entries exactly as they appear on your report.

Note: You may filter and sort on additional fields if your report is more complex.  For more information on filtering and sorting the menu screen, see the ShoWorks help topic on Sorting and Filtering.

2) Place your cursor in the "Place" field (or another field if you are recording different values).

3) You now may simply type a value (such as 1, 2, ....), press Page Down (to move to the next record), type in another value (such as 1, 2, ...), press Page Down, and so on until you have recorded all values.

This method may be modified for use with other fields.  You may also prefer to view the records in spreadsheet view (right click anywhere in the menu and select "Spreadsheet View".  Using this method, you will use the down arrow key on your keyboard instead of the Page Down key.

Method 2: Using key commands to quickly navigate to different records.

1) Temporarily lock out all fields that you will not use (for example, lock out all fields except "Place") by clicking on the padlock buttons to the right of each field on the entries menu.

2) You now can have someone call out the Entry Number, and then the Place for the list of all entries.  When the Entry Number is called, press the Alt-Z keys (to move the cursor to the Find Entry field), type in the number, and press the tab key 3 times until it is in the Place field (the other fields should be locked to prevent from having to press the tab key many times).  When the result is called, type in the value in the Place field.  Then again, press Alt-Z, type in the next Entry Number, press the tab key 3 times, type in the Place, and again repeat the sequence.


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