How to import exhibitor, school, buyer, and club records from another ShoWorks data file

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Date Added: 1/2/1998
Date Updated: 8/22/2018

ShoWorks allows you to import data from another ShoWorks data file (non-ShoWorks files such as from MS Excel or MS Access are not supported). This includes records such as exhibitors, divisions, points & premiums, entries, schools, clubs and buyers.

Steps to importing records:

  1. Select the File then "Import", then "Import or Merge Records".
  2. Click (or check) on the desired entity of records you would like to import, for example, to import clubs from another data file, click on the "Clubs" button.
  3. Click the "Import" button.
  4. In the given window, locate the data file which contains the data you wish to import.
  5. Double-click or highlight and click "Open", the file you wish to import records from.
  6. ShoWorks will display the number of records that were imported.

If you are attempting to share data among multiple computers:

see the related article:  Using ShoWorks on Multiple Computers


If the data file contains records that already exists in your current data file (such as entries with the same entry number or exhibitors with the same name), those records will be compared via a time stamp and will update the existing records if newer.  If you are wanting to add new entries rather than update existing ones with the same entry number, you should instruct other users who enter entries in another file to use different entry numbers than in the file you are importing to.

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