How to submit a file for data conversion

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Date Added: 8/3/2006
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Gladstone provides a service (fees may apply) of importing records into ShoWorks from other programs. 

  • Files provided must be in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Gladstone only imports records with addresses (exhibitors, buyers, clubs, and schools) and possibly your fairbook (departments, divisions, classes) depending on the cleanliness of data provided.
  • Gladstone will not import other types of records (premiums, entries, etc.) because the ShoWorks data structure will differ significantly from other file formats.

Checklist before sending Excel file to Gladstone:

  1. Match all fields: At the top of the spreadsheet, the first row must contain the column/field headings. Each heading must read and match EXACTLY to that in ShoWorks, otherwise the column will not import. If you are unsure of the field names, run ShoWorks with the sample file (File>Open Sample Data File) and open a menu such as Exhibitors, Buyers, Clubs, etc. Look at how the field names are labeled and rename your spreadsheet columns to match these (EXACT spelling is required). If you have any extra data that you cannot match in ShoWorks, you can try to use one of the existing labels. For example, you may keep track of the exhibitors' "Parents Name". Since there is no field in ShoWorks with this label, you could use the field "UDExhibitor-Text1".

    Follow this example template to arrange a spreadsheet for exhibitor conversion.

    Follow this example template to arrange a spreadsheet for buyer conversion.

    Follow this example template to arrange a spreadsheet for a fairbook (departments, divisions, classes) conversion.

  2. Remove duplicates:
    • Make sure that there are NO DUPLICATE "Exhibitor Names" (for an exhibitor file) or NO DUPLICATE "Buyer Names" (for a buyer file). If you have duplicate names, either remove the duplicated row, or rename the value (such as from "John Doe" to "John P. Doe").
    • Make sure that there are NO DUPLICATE "Exhibitor ID" (for an exhibitor file) or NO DUPLICATE "Buyer ID" values.
    • Division names must be unique and cannot be duplicated even in a different Department. For example, Division 'Angus' may only appear once in the entire data file, regardless of the Department.
    • The combination of a Division name and Class name must be unique. For example, 'Class 12' may not appear more than once in the same Division.
  3. Check formating of numbers:
    • Make sure that all Zip/Postal Codes are 10 characters (both numbers/letters) or less.
    • Make sure that all Phone Numbers are in the exact format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Note: the space after the last parenthesis. You should have a total of 14 characters, including a space, a dash, and two parentheses.
    • Make sure that all Departments are 255 characters or less.
    • Make sure that all Divisions are 50 characters or less.
    • Make sure that all Division Numbers (optional) are numbers only.
    • Make sure that all Division Types (optional) are either 1,2,3,4 or 5 (see template for meaning).
    • Make sure that all Classes are 100 characters or less.
    • Make sure that all Class Descriptions are 255 characters or less.
  4. Remove illegal characters: Quotes (apostrophes) and double-quotes are not allowed in the following fields:
    • Divisions
    • Class
    • Class Description
  5. *Tip: Consider replacing the double quote with the abreviation for inch (i.e. " = in.)
  6. Remove excess data:
    • Make sure that there is one record per row of the spreadsheet (excluding the column headings in the first row). Check the very bottom of the spreadsheet for extra data that should not be imported.

Once you have completed the checklist above, you are ready to submit the Excel file(s) to Gladstone.  To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our messaging page on our website www.fairsoftware.com then click Support, then Contact Support.
  2. Upload your Excel file(s) by clicking the "Attach File(s)" button and selecting your file(s). This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your file(s). In the message box below the button, let us know that we need to convert the file for you, then Submit the message.

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